27 Heaven

27 Heaven

Restaurant 27

Being from Portsmouth and living here for our entire lives means we have visited many restaurants in the area. Restaurant 27 was one of those places we had not been too before. We searched for Restaurant 27 on Worldee travel app to read up some extra information about the type of cuisine it specialised in and this seemed perfect to spend our Valentines Day meal here, it was one to remember.

Valentine’s date for Worldee

27 boasts a Michelin plate award and is looking for their first Michelin star. We booked for the weekend of Valentines as we had heard about the romantic feel and was something more suited to a couple rather than a large group.

Restaurant 27

On arrival, we were greeted by the lovely staff, who took our jackets before being sat on a bar styled table for two; allowing us to look at the two different bar options while enjoying the drinks and canapes of cheese and olive tapenade.

Daisy enjoying her drink

Restaurant 27 is experiential dining; (something we knew from the information provided on Worldee travel app), and this is why they have 2 set menus for meat options and 2 set menus for vegetarian options. They offer a 5-course or 7-course menu, where the difference between the two is an extra main course and an extra dessert.

Augmented 27

The restaurant is extremely popular, and we recommend booking at least one month in advance. We were starving on the night so chose the 7-course menu, and this does not include the canapes they offer you, to begin.

Garlic veloute

The first course was possibly our favourite, garlic velouté from the Isle of Wight where all of the ingredients were fresh and from local produce. Served in a small pot the velouté was similar to a garlic soup, it was delectable and we did not want it to end.

Beef cheek, celeriac and apple

Our second course was glazed beef check, celeriac and apple, this came out in a pot with the soft beef as the first layer and celeriac apple foam on top; the combination of textures was very unusual but worked tremendously well together.

Caesar salad

Third up was an extra dish featured in the 7-course menu. It was the Restaurant 27 Caesar salad. The difference from this dish to a traditional Ceasar salad was the addition of cream cheese and heavy balsamic glaze.

Charcoal bread loaf and marmite butter

One of the simplest dishes of the night was also a personal favourite of mine. The freshly baked charcoal loaf with homemade marmite butter, which is a chef own creation this was served in a mini marmite jar clone.

As we moved on from course to course I was in anticipation each time as we were intrigued to see what the next creation would be.

Caviar, seabass and artichoke

We had the opportunity to try ingredients we had never tasted before such as caviar served on the roasted seabass and artichoke dish. Caviar had a very strong flavour but was combined with an array of other ingredients which meant that the caviar didn’t overpower the dish as a whole.

Each portion was big enough to taste all the flavours included but was not so big that you could not finish and enjoy each course to my surprise.

Lamb and ravioli

A dish I was least excited to try was the lamb as this is not normally meat of my choice, however, it definitely turned out to be a very memorable plate. Served with a selection with New Forest root vegetables, a single butternut squash ravioli, spheres of jelly and dust of charcoal, it really was an amazing array of flavours, which married up together in terms of flavour and presentation.

Before starting our first dessert we shared a small plate cave-aged aged cheddar, homemade crisp crackers, fig jam and a drizzle of bee pollen, a much simpler dish compared to the rest of the menu.


I was glad to hear the first dessert on the menu was a sorbet as I needed a slight pallet cleanser between dishes, the raspberry sorbet was served on a bed of crushed coconut and dark chocolate nibs, then sprinkled with sea salt and it was just as amazing as it sounded.

I would recommend to anyone visiting Restaurant 27 to try every dish even if it contains an ingredient you would not normally try or enjoy as both of us left plates squeaky clean after enjoying something which was unexpected for us.

Creme Brule

Our final dish was truly one to remember, Créme Brule with raspberry chocolate shards accompanied by a small pot of dry ice which when prompted with water released the sweet raspberry smell and looked beautiful for a video.

Creme Brule Part 2

Throughout the meal, I was enjoying Kir Royales, but they also have a very extensive wine menu with reasonable prices. What was amazing about this restaurant is the attention to detail in every dish as well as the freshness of the products and the fact that they support local businesses.

Worldee and Restaurant 27

We would highly recommend Restaurant 27, the set menus start from £49 but this is very reasonable for the quality and quantity of food. We recommend using the Worldee app directions feature as the restaurant is tucked away down a side street so could be missed if you aren’t looking directly for it. We already can’t wait to visit again.