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3 Websites to Use for Fake Plane Ticket

Needing a fake plane ticket is becoming popular as a practical joke during the unprecedented time of a global pandemic. But their primary purpose is to be used as proof of onward travel, which is important for obtaining a visa and entry into some countries.

Proof of onward travel is asked for because many countries don´t want illegal immigrants and this is one way that they try to tackle the problem.

It´s worth noting that fake flight tickets cannot be used to check-in or fly for free. Once you know when you want to leave a country you´ll need to buy an actual ticket from your desired airline.

If you are not sure where you can get your hands on a fake plane flight, then you have come to the right place. Below are 3 excellent companies that can provide you with exactly what you need.

Fake Plane Ticket Website #1: Trixo

Trixo generates perfect fake airline tickets straight to your mailbox, for the convenience of showing an onward journey. This allows travellers to gain entry and visas to many countries without the financial pressure of actually buying a ticket.

The Trixo dummy flight ticket takes a few minutes to receive and only costs $8.

What’s great about your Trixo ticket is that it contains a PNR number, making it seem more legitimate, when it is checked by border control officers or airline staff.

They have received many 5-star reviews including “easy and secure, thanks for this amazing site. “

Website: https://trixo.net/

Fake Plane Ticket

Fake Plane Ticket Website #2: Onward Flights

Fake Plane Ticket Website

Onward Flights has a simple booking form making the process great for anybody. Once you fill in your information and choose which airline and flight you want your fake ticket to copy.  

The Onward Flights fee varies, but can be as low as $10.

What is great about Onward Flights is they give you visa advice about the country you plan to enter. For example, when you select your flight you´ll see the advice from the governing Immigration Bureau. This tells you what rules you need to follow, like your passport must have 30 days of validity. They also provide refunds when their tickets when travel is denied.

On Trustpilot, Onward Flights has received a 4.4 rating based on 42 reviews. 86% described it as great or excellent, while 9% were unhappy with the service.

Website:  https://onward.flights/

Fake Plane Ticket Website #3: Top Onward Ticket

Like the Trixo and Onward Flights, Top Onward Ticket also provides a quick and reliable service.

They claim you´ll receive your fake ticket within 5-60 minutes of payment. However, be warned this is only during their office hours, which are 6am to midnight, in the time zone as Bangkok, which is GMT+7. So, you may wish to plan ahead. But not too far ahead as your fake ticket is only valid for 48 hours, unless you want to pay a little extra to receive your ticket later.

To book your fake flight ticket you can expect to pay as little as $12.

Website: https://www.toponwardticket.com/

All in all, the three websites mentioned each provide a similar service and have success you getting their clients the visas they require.

The main difference is the price. Trixo is the cheaper option at just $8, compared to Onward Flights $10+ and Top Onward Flights´ $12.

Trixo also provides more detail on the fake ticket as they include a PNR which is a passenger number, this is what would be assigned to a traveller when they have been assigned seating. This is great as at first glance can make the appear more authentic than those without.

Fake Plane Ticket Website