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5 of the Most Popular Countries Brits Emigrate To

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Yes, we are an adventurous lot. More and more of us are choosing to up-sticks completely and relocate to another country where sunshine and adventure abound. Before we take a look at a few most popular destinations that you may consider relocating to, let’s take a look at the practicalities of the move and things you will have to consider.


Now, moving abroad isn’t as straightforward as hiring a trailer and loading it yourself. This is a job best left to the professionals who will guide you through the process of safely moving your belongings from one country to another. Suitable arrangements will need to be made for the shipping of your goods, or, maybe it will be possible for expert removal companies such as Hadley & Ottaway and many others found online, to drive your belongings to your new home in a state-of-the-art removal truck.

Careful packing is also a vital subject to be considered. Your loved belongings may spend days on the road and need good protection. Packing is an art and, all too often; valuable items are lost or broken because it was performed inadequately. Removal companies provide expert packing services as an extra to the removal package and taking up this option is often a good idea. You will be able to rest assured that your packing will be completed to a high standard and, vitally, on time.

Cool Countries

So, where do Brits emigrate to in droves? Let’s take a look at the most popular destinations.

  • United States of America. Yeeeehaaaa! Yes, the good old US of A. Living in America gives an ordinary lifestyle, but with a lot more space and sunshine. It’s not all cops and robbers, though you will not get away with some of the antics over there that you may do here. Walking the streets drunk will land you in jail for the night.

  • Spain. Spain is probably the most popular destination for emigration. Probably because of the better weather and the fact that it doesn’t seem too far away. Your belongings can travel by ferry and road to arrive at your new home in just a couple of days. A flight home for visits is cheap and takes less than two hours.

  • France. Traveling to the south of France guarantees an improved climate. A renovated farmhouse in the country can be bought at a bargain price, and the lifestyle down there is far more relaxed. I can see the attraction myself.

  • Australia. G’day mate, Poms are traveling down under in droves. You will find guaranteed sunshine and as long as you don’t mind finding the odd deadly spider in your dunny, people will envy your lifestyle.

  • Canada. Oh, if only I could afford it I would be off today. Stunning scenery, immense open spaces, mountain ranges, fantastic wildlife, and cosmopolitan cities. What more could anyone want?

Now you have read all of the above, are you getting itchy feet? Do bear in mind, however, that some American, Spanish, French, Aussie and Canadian people have their eye on good old Blighty as a destination for themselves. It can’t all be bad here; perhaps you need to look again. Bonjour!