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5 Reasons to Move to Hong Kong

Hong Kong

With a population of over 7 million, this great Southern China city has gotten quite a reputation for being not only a tourist destination but a great place to move if you’re looking to move abroad! From its culture to the people, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Hong Kong! It’s no wonder Hong Kong is such a popular place to move!

The Food

Home to a number of Michelin star restaurants, as well as a great street food scene, food is definitely not something that Hong Kong misses out on! On top of this, Hong Kong has a variety of foods available. From Indian to Lebanese, there are definitely more options than you can count! Of course, on top of this Hong Kong is home to some of the greatest Cantonese delicacies that the world has to offer!

The Nightlife

Looking for a sweet karaoke spot to sing your heart out? Or maybe even a British style Pub to hang out with your mates. Hong Kong has you covered! The Lan Kwai Fong streets have some of the most bustling nightlife in any metropolitan city. Looking for your new favorite bar in Hong Kong? The bustling metropolitan definitely has your fair share of bars to choose from!

The Culture

Alongside tall and modern skyscrapers, you can find in Hong Kong buildings and temples from ancient times, and everything in between. With these cities rich culture and history, you’ll find it hard not to learn something new just by simply walking down the street next to your apartment! (Talk about a free history lesson!)

The Safety

With such a highly populated metropolitan, it’s hard to imagine it’s a safe place to start a family. However, crime ratings show it to be one of the safest metropolitan areas to live in, not only in Asia but in the world! This city definitely fights the stereotypes of dangerous metros, by being one of the safest places to live in the world!

The Outdoors

With natural beauties such as the numerous amount of beaches found in this southern China city, as well as various parks and outdoor space, being that the city is made up of 70% green space. Are you an outdoorsy person? Not only is Hong Kong a great hiking destination, with views and vistas that are out of this world, but also the different activities available, such as surfing or biking, gives you a practically endless possibility for fun out in the great outdoors!

With all of these great reasons to move, it’s hard not to find yourself reaching for your suitcase! Making Hong Kong your new home as an expat not only prove to be a smart move, but it will also help you become more in touch with the Eastern lifestyle, and if you’re an expat from the Western world, you’ll find that, while the culture shock might be hard to get through initially, it’s definitely worth it!