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5 Tips to Choosing the Right Car to Rent


Renting a vehicle is something we all have to do at some time or another, and there are some people who use the service a lot more than others. It might be for a short time when the car is being serviced, or perhaps just for a few weeks in the summer, as your compact isn’t suitable for a touring holiday, but whatever the reason, here are some helpful hints on choosing the right vehicle.

How Many People?

The size of your group will determine the type of vehicle you require, for a couple, a small sedan is perfectly adequate, and if you plan to spend some time in the vehicle, why not consider an SUV, with lots of extra room for luggage and gifts. If you are in Western Australia, car hire in Perth from Ace Rent a Car would have a wide range of quality vehicles, so there would be something just right for the occasion.

The Purpose of Travel

The reason you need to hire a car has a lot of bearing on the type of vehicle that best suits. If, for example, you were taking the family on holiday, it would involve spending a lot of time in the vehicle and also having considerable luggage, and in that case, an SUV would be the ideal transport, with a roof rack, you can take all the camping gear as well. If you are using the car to spend a few days around town, and do not expect to make any long journeys, then a small compact car would be the best choice. It is economical and can park in the smallest of spaces, and there’s more than enough room for the shopping.


Long distance travel requires a greater level of comfort, so bear this in mind, especially if there are young children or elderly people traveling with you. A family of six might be better off with a minivan, which can sit 12 people, so everyone would have plenty of room to stretch out whenever they choose.

An Established Company

A rented vehicle is only as good as the company that manages the business, and with efficient service and helpful staff, your experience should be a pleasant one. They should have an extensive range of vehicles and would always be very happy to advise on a suitable car for every occasion.

Consider all the Possibilities

If there is any chance your group will be added to at any time during the trip, or that the schedule might be altered, then plan accordingly and hire something a little larger, and even if the group remains the same, everyone will have a little more room to relax.

It isn’t always easy to select the right vehicle, and if you don’t get it right, the entire trip could suffer. The above information will hopefully help you to avoid making a mistake, and by having a suitable car, the journey will be much nicer.