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A Cruise Holiday – Those Extraordinary Moments to Treasure


The very moment a cruise holiday is booked is the moment the adventure begins. Extraordinary memories will be created every day that will last forever and that one can only imagine. Along with the breath-taking sights along the way there are many other very practical bonuses to a cruise holiday. For instance, there is no packing or unpacking of suitcases or lugging around required as the destinations come to the cruiser.

How to Choose the Perfect Cruise Holiday

With so many different cruise holidays on offer, how can one pick that perfect holiday? Well, there is actually a cruise holiday available to suit everybody whether it is just the perfect relaxation on board with all the trimmings holiday or perhaps some more adventure thrown in along the way. From carnivals to festivals and sporting events to commemorations, special events can be included from across the globe during a Bolsover Cruise Club holiday.

Three Amazing Memory Creating Cruises to Whet the Appetite

They say that one will never forget the first cruise and even though many other exciting cruises may follow over the years, the first one will hold the strongest memories and will always remain the ONE.

  • How about paddle boarding in Hawaii or if something not so challenging is required then the lush tropical scenery should embrace the senses. When you really want vastness and beauty to collide all around you this is the optimum place to experience it. The amazing underwater life and the rich history of the islands have left some people spellbound. This is a destination where all the senses will be engaged whether it is being bowled over by beauty, or the inner thrill seeker being awoken by some dramatic adventures.
  • Discovering traditional life in Vietnam is certainly yelling memory creation overload. Vietnam’s culture is one of the oldest and most colorful in Southeast Asia and some of the characteristics of its culture include great respect for family values, its arts and crafts, and devotion to study. There is a wealth of tradition and culture here that will leave the senses reeling, whether it be silk painting, woodblock prints, music, theatre, dance and so much more.
  • Why not swim with the lions in Mexico? Playful sea lions are in abundance in the crystal-clear waters off Cozumel, Mexico. There is also the opportunity to watch the underwater world through a glass floor, something that will forever remain in the memory bank of the whole family.