A Trip to Mykonos Using Worldee App

A Trip to Mykonos Using Worldee App

Fashion and travel blogger Ciandra Birnbaum used Worldee on her recent trip to Mykonos Greece. Read below her honest opinion on how Worldee helped her.

‘This year has been my time to go travelling, as I recently became self-employed I have taken the opportunity to travel and see the world. To help me with my travels I have started using the app called Worldee. Worldee allows you to discover a variety of places across the world. Ranging from tourist attractions, nightlife, restaurants and hotels, find more places in your current location and learn vast ammounts about these places.

Worldee uses enhanced reality, so all that is required is a point, aim and tap on the icons which are hovering over your chosen point of interest and you can instantly know all the information you require. If you want to know about the wider proximities, then you can use the listed view to discover more places and plan where you are going to be heading throughout the day and night.

Ciandra Birnbaum enjoying Worldee Travel App

Once you have visited a place on the app this will automatically sve to your profile allowing you to reminisce on past places visitied, and if you wish to rediscover the information about this place then ths is available at your disposal.

I found the Worldee app super usefu when I went to Mykonos a few weeks ago and it really helped me discover some cool spots to go to!

I went with my friend and we wanted to just spend the time wandering through the maze of narrow alleyways so we could discover little gems. All the buildings are painted white and blue and draped in bright pink flowers as we were there in early Spring.

There are lots of cafes, bars and boutiques stores where you can find genuinely lovely gifts, souvenirs, jewellery and clothing (not just cheap and tacky tourist crap that you find in most places). We wandered up to the famous windmills and strolled along the coast where little bars stretch out to the sea.

Ciandra Birnbaum enjoying Worldee Travel App

We used the Worldee app to find a fabulous place to have lunch, obviously we wanted it to be Instagramable too!

Whilst scrolling and using the app we came across Joanna’s Niko’s Place Taverna which was tucked away just off the main tourist strip. Visitors staying a few days or a week will probably know of this little beach area but it remains a hidden gem to the crowds.

We walked past the windmills and through a dusty car park. You’ll think you’re going the wrong way but keep walking along a narrow but busy road for 5 – 10 minutes. The road follows the coast and looks out over the gorgeous sea and little beaches.

Joanna’s Niko’s Place Taverna has a casual eating area plus sun loungers outside and it’s the perfect place to laze away the afternoon.

Tips for Mykonos: 

  • The Waters around Mykonos are choopy so I’d reccomend sea sickness tablets for boat trips.
  • Arrive early to photograph teh windmills. It can be difficult to get a good shot when they’re surrounded by people. Sunset is another great time for a gorgeous shot but there will eb lots of people up there.
  • Lots of people get around Mykonos by renting a scooter or quad bike. Make sure you hire from a reputable company and return it on time to avoid sky-high fees.
  • Just explore, Mykonos is perfect for a relaxed break.

Hope you enjoyed exploring Mykonos, let me know if you use the app, it really helped me!’