A Week in Cactus City

A Week in Cactus City

We spent a very short time in Phoenix considering the flight and jet lag times, but I can honestly say it was like nowhere I have been before. Born from the desert the main attraction was their cactus’ which could be spotted on any journey.

As well as being noticed from the wild there was also a Desert Botanical Garden you could visit where you could look at more preened and perfected cactus plots. The garden was magical, definitely a must see when in Phoenix as you could learn about the humble cactus plant and all of its variations in one place, I must say it also had epic views of their extensive amount of mountains.

Another attraction was their sporting stadium the Talkingstick Resort Arena, we were lucky during our time that there was a basketball game, the Pheonix Suns vs Sacramento Kings which ended up being a (very close) Pheonix win! As well as sporting events the arena is also host to a number of music events you should look out for.

When looking on Worldee I noticed a lot of the attractions that popped up were shopping centres so it would be rude not to visit right? I visited two during my time, both were very similar apart from one being a Nordstrum run centre and the other being Macys which meant a different selection of stores. As well as shops they had a large selection of food and drinkeries.

Staying in the Arizona Biltmore hotel there was already a lot of places to eat their itself however we wanted to explore the town, we found a restaurant called The Gladly It was beautiful and was located within a hotel. I had the steak which was cooked to perfection, one of the best steaks I had had in a while. Phoenix played host to a lot of steak and meat restaurants and I could see why as their meat was amazing.

We also found another restaurant using Worldee app, restaurant Artizen. This was for a more important meal, so we decided to try the five courses. Course one was a meat and cheese board which was great for sharing. The second course was a tomato and pancetta gazpacho soup, which was my favourite course out of the five, the smoky pancetta really complimented the sweet tomato flavour. Onto course three which was a simple salad, this was nice but not a good representative of the other dishes the restaurant could produce and probably the worst course out of them all. For the main which was course four I opted for the salmon, this was so fresh and absolutely huge, I thoroughly enjoyed it however I was so full already by this point. Onto the fifth and final course which I could only have a bite out of to my dismay (as this was sooo nice but sooo naughty) the chocolate cheesecake pud – in true US style (they know how to rock a desert). The overall ambiance and seating structure of this restaurant was great, and I would 100% return.

Phoenix was an experience in which I’m not sure whether I would relive, however if you love hot weather and Americana meats this is your kind of place.