A Weekend In Marbella

A Weekend In Marbella

Marbella is often labelled with the go to destination for hens and stags. Despite Marbella living up to this expectation it can also be enjoyed as a very beautiful Spanish location to relax and explore with family and friends. We took a trip here due to a 50th birthday of a family member, we rented a villa for the weekend as there was 23 of us. This was an amazing idea as it gave us the freedom of participating in everything in a non-timely manor as well as avoiding dreaded sunbed wars.

Villa in Marbella

The villa was an hour drive away from the airport, we had an early flight so that we could make the most of the long weekend. On our first night we decided to stay in and enjoy the villa, it was so big it basically took us a whole day and night to explore! Saturday was the day we decided to use as our first official party day of Marbella with a DJ and a hog roast. Both services were so easy to find and book.

Us enjoying the Villa

Sunday was my favourite day however as it meant we had the opportunity to leave the villa and explore the Port of Marbella. It was around a 15 minuet drive to get to the port and was also around 15 euros in a taxi, we decided to head out early afternoon and try a restaurant for lunch. We found a restaurant using Worldee travel app called Picasso which had an Italian focused menu; the interior was white and glossy – fitting the vibe of Marbella. After ordering a round of drinks starting with wine to accompany our lunch we moved on to the food order. I ordered the chilli prawn pasta with a side of garlic bread. As we were in an Italian restaurant almost everyone ordered pasta based dishes and everyone enjoyed their meal thoroughly so be sure to try this restaurant out on your next visit.

Searching for Attraction in Marbella with Worldee

After lunch we decided to look for a bar with Worldee travel app. We came across what looked like a quirky looking bar from the images seen on the app called Astral. Shaped like a ship to accentuate the overall tropical theme from the drinks to the toilets. All drinks looked amazing however I tried the Pina Colada which was served in a giant glass it matched the oversized furniture making you feel tiny in comparison. We had a look on the app to see what sort of attractions was around us and it seemed to be there was quite a few.

Restaurant Picasso Marbella found with Worldee App

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to explore any of these attractions, but it was nice to know they were around and that if we decided to return we could visit some of these places. We also looked at the directions and noticed that they often weren’t to far away. As well as exploring the port they also have amazing golf courses nearby and a beautiful beach. In terms of restaurants and bars we found loads through Worldee Travel app that we wish we had more time to explore.

Restaurants being found with Worldee App