Dubai Must See’s and Must Do’s

Dubai Must See’s and Must Do’s

I must admit Dubai was never on our top to visit places in the world however we were extremely surprised by how much we enjoyed our time there. They have some of the most amazing hotels, bars, restaurants and attractions in the world an experience I can only really say I have had once which was in Las Vegas. 

We stayed in the Anantara which was located on the Palm, an amazing 5-star hotel home to 3 restaurants and 1 buffet diner. We booked the lagoon view room which was a must do when staying in this hotel, you wake up to a beautiful image every morning.

We were also on a half board basis which meant we could have breakfast and then take our pick on lunch or dinner, this was included in any of the 4 restaurants and you could have up to three optional courses – something we thought was great value for money.

The only thing that wasn’t included was drinks which can become pricey if you miss happy hour. Most hotels work on a similar basis particularly the higher end hotels situated on The Palm. The best restaurant within the hotel was The Beach House, amazing for lunch if you want to sit on the beach or an early sunset dinner where you can watch the sun sink into the cushion of the clouds, the food in my opinion was also amazing here.

In terms of activities we planned a yacht trip – a very popular excursion as you got to see the top attractions of Dubai from a far point of view. We saw The Atlantis, The Ain Wheel (Dubai Wheel), and the Burj to name a few, the staff couldn’t be more helpful always asking if there was anything you needed.

You can choose how long and what time you want to participate in these trips, sun set is a popular sailing time as well as morning as the afternoons get to hot in an uncomfortable way! You can also sail from 2 – 3 hours, we only decided to go out for 2 hours as we can get quite restless!

We visited the top of the Burj by going into the Atmosphere Bar, both a bar and attraction combined, there was a minimum drink charge of around £80 each which sounds a lot however this is not hard to spend, and the drinks menu is pretty pricey. We visited at night and it was amazing to see the lights shinning like small stars below us.

The hotels in Dubai are attractions in themselves, each offering something different – The Atlantis is most known to accommodate this with there water park and aquarium.  One of the days we were in Dubai it was extremely stormy, so we had to change our desert trip plans and opt for the aquarium instead and it was extremely beautiful to see plus it was only 5 minuets away from our hotel.

Our favourite attraction of the trip however was the Dubai Miracle Garden which is sadly ending this year, if you are going before it gets taken down, we would strongly advise going to see it you will not be disappointed and the smell that eludes from the plants is sensational.

Again, an attraction for those days that are stormy or to hot is of course the Dubai Mall – this everchanging space is the biggest mall in the world, even if you’re not looking to buy anything its great to see and experience. It also offers a traditional section of the shopping centre where you can purchase fresh herbs, spices or gold. Just outside the mall is where they host the famous fountain show – another must see when visiting Dubai.  

Moving on to one of our favourite topics, food! There is almost to much choice in Dubai on the restaurant front they have anything from traditional middle eastern offerings to high end options to the cheesecake factory. The best restaurant we visited whilst over in Dubai was Asia Asia situated on the sixth floor of Pier Seven you can request a balcony seat where you can over look views of the marina.

When visiting a new restaurant, we often opt for the tasting menu as it is almost always a selection of the chef’s favourite dishes – plus we are very indecisive! Sticking to our tradition we had the 6 course taster menu the first two course were a mixture of sushi and edamame beans which was all very unusual and full of flavour, they then bought us out some duck bao buns – again delicious and then onto the main 2 dishes the wagyu beef and the fried shrimp which we wish we saved more room for as they were both unbelievable!

We have never seen a prawn as big as the one served here, it was so fresh and full of flavour served with a homemade relish. The wagyu beef also melted in your mouth and was one of the best pieces of steak I have ever had, the desert to follow was nice but the mains proved a tough act to follow.

Another restaurant worth mentioning was Nusr-et most commonly known as salt baes restaurant. Of course, here the speciality is the steak dishes so that’s what we opted for and to accompany truffle fries and creamed spinach as well as having amazing food the restaurant as a whole is an experience, the waiters come over and interact with you as their guests often feeding you wiping your mouth putting on a full show.

We were to full to have desert or starter, but it is an experience.  In terms of experiential restaurants Opa dubai was one of them, the cuisine is Greek and as well as serving Greek food they have the atmosphere to go with it. You book into slots so that everyone gets to see a performance during their time there, the waiters and waitresses come and perform traditional Greek dancing and plate smashing which is so fun!

If you are traveling to Dubai this year we hope you got some good ideas on where to go, you can also download Worldee for free to help you discover even more where ever you are anywhere in the world.