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Festival Survival Guide for Beginners


With the spring finally here, the festival season is kicking in throughout the Northern Hemisphere (in the South it’s fall now, so it will end there soon). Going to festivals is great, but getting home in one piece – and our great memories intact – is even greater. So, here are a few quick tips about how to handle yourself at a festival to make it as great as it should be.

1. Before you leave

When you are finally decided to attend one of the numerous outdoor festivals of the year, make sure to check if it has a return policy. This is especially important if you book your tickets months ahead – anything could happen, you could suffer an accident or become ill, so it’s wise to have a backup plan. If you plan to travel abroad, make sure you have all your documents ready and valid for your departure, there are no special requirements – like visas and vaccines – to take care of.

2. When you arrive

Find a safe place where you can leave your valuables while you explore your surroundings. Most festivals are crowded, and a perfect place for pickpockets to do their thing. Some festivals require their visitors to use specially issued cards instead of cash, but sticky hands can still rid you of your passport, phone (bye bye royal vegas mobile games) or camera.

Make sure to locate the essential places for your well-being – the medical tent, the toilets, the places you can buy food and other provisions, the authorities where you can report stolen belongings, and so on. If the festival does not require the use of a special card, check if it has an ATM – if not, find the closest city or village, as you will only have the chance to refill your wallet there.

Make sure to be prepared for sudden changes in the weather. Have a bag – like a small backpack – with the necessary items inside: a poncho for the cold, a raincoat (even if it is a disposable plastic one), sunblock, something to put on your head (a sunstroke can ruin your festival experience for good) and other needful things like band-aid, a small flashlight, and its likes.

3. The “fun” things

The three things most festival goers consume are music, drugs and alcohol. Avoiding these at a festival is sometimes harder than to keep your breath – saying to avoid them would be pointless. Instead try to be moderate about alcohol (hangovers can also ruin your day), and try to keep away from illegal substances (being behind bars can be a turnoff as well).

The rest is up to you to discover. The more outdoor festivals you go to, the more things you will learn – hopefully the good way, and with loads of fun!