Georgia Emily Austin – Episode 3 “A Solo Guide on Favelas, Learning Languages and Finding Your Niche”

Georgia Emily Austin – Episode 3 “A Solo Guide on Favelas, Learning Languages and Finding Your Niche”

Georgia Emily Austin – Episode 3 “A Solo Guide on Favelas, Learning Languages and Finding Your Niche”

As we enter the third episode of our podcast Travel Creates Change. Our next guest is a social influencer who inspires a loyal following greatly through her amazing posts. As well as sharing her thoughts and inspiring people on the internet she is also a freelance copy writer and has worked with many companies all over the world to spread their word. So, we are very excited to welcome Georgia Emily Austin onto the show. 

Throughout this whole series we have been sharing travel stories with our guests and exploring how travelling has had a massive impact on their lives, when I asked Georgia how travel changed her life, she explained that her love for solo travel came from sibling arguments which meant she was going to visit her dad in America on a solo flight at a young age. A few years later she had an amazing opportunity to go to Brazil after receiving her student finance early. With the mission of going to South America to voluntarily teach children in the Favelas of Rio De Janeiro English. All by herself at 18 years old Georgia had overcome a huge hurdle in her life by visiting a country on her own and living like a true local. As she embarked on this journey over a 3 week period Georgia learnt vast amounts about Brazilian culture and even learnt Portuguese which is the native tongue of Brazil. 

Now when I first heard that Georgia was going to the favelas to teach English on her own, I was intrigued, and shocked. First, I couldn’t help but think about the stories I have heard surrounding the violence. So I asked her about the safety in the favelas, Georgia told us “It completely goes against any of the stereotypes you have probably heard of and in Rio you are probably safer living inside of the Favela than you are outside of them, this is subjective but it’s what I felt from my experience. There is a saying in Rocinha, which is, don’t shit on your doorstep, so everyone looks out for each other”. 

After a thorough chat about the favelas, it was evident that embracing the culture of any place you visit is the best way to learn and connect with people, something we at Worldee live by. Georgia’s trip to Brazil created such a positive shift in her life she decided to move to Rio permanently. She explained to us that “one spontaneous decision can have a total domino effect on your life” and this is something that we completely agree with. After all, without our spontaneous trip to the Gucci store in Rome, we would never have visited the amazing rooftop restaurant for lunch and seen hundreds of tourists taking pictures of an attraction which was unknown to us. This was the foundations of creating Worldee. Imagine the moment you travel and have that moment where you feel completely inspired to achieve a mission or make a choice to better your life. This is something Georgia has done and so have we. 

We wanted to know what else travel has done for Georgia’s life as we were fascinated by her story, we wanted to find out what travel had really done for her. “It made me really appreciate the smaller things in life” as she explained to us a story about how she took a trip to Columbia and was cliff diving, playing games with locals and enjoying fresh fish. Another great example of how visiting the locals can help you learn about different cultures and be part of a bigger community. “Every time you go somewhere new you become more confident and take away valuable life lessons.” This has been clear in everything that Georgia has achieved so far in her life, besides posting amazing picturesque images on Instagram with inspiring captions to go with it – a service she has been able to provide services to clients all over the world. Georgia also explained that with her travel experiences she knows “what different cultures expect and can tailor things no matter what their location is.” This is the power travel can have on your life as you let go and embrace your breakthroughs. 

For us travel has always provided a communal aspect which has led to us making some brilliant relationships that would not have been possible without going to explore and see different places throughout the globe and sharing the story of our app. If you have worries and wonder if travel is for you? Then Georgia has an amazing quote she lives by “Feel the fear and do it anyway” as you never know where these trips may take you.

To listen to the full episode and re-live Georgia’s experience of the life threatening Favelas then visit Worldee Podcast on the podcast app, episode 3 or via our Spotify.

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