How to plan a trip during COVID-19

How to plan a trip during COVID-19

Have you wondered how you should be planning your trips during the global covid-19 dilemma? Whilst some places have restrictions and others have not it is easy to become confused on where you should visit and more importantly what you should visit while you are there! In spite of this we thought it would be helpful if Worldee showed you how to search for what is currently considered a ‘safe destination’ as well as planning your trip down to the last-minute maximising your time. Read on below as we give you 3 of our current suggestions on places to visit.

So you are looking for a getaway after being locked down for months and now you are unsure where to go or if you have to quarantine along with a whole list of other rules and laws being introduced by certain regions to curb the spread of COVID-19, so where do we start?

Google and newspaper articles which are recent is the first place to look for any potential destinations. Whilst it may seem that newspapers usually only share scary news, they are great for the travel section on the laws and regulations of regions which are great to visit! Make sure that you have the most up to date information as the rules on COVID-19 are ever changing globally as is the case with the 14 day quarantine from UK residents returning from their trips in Spain.

One country which really sticks out at the moment as a great potential holiday destination is Italy! Despite the fact that Italy was heavily impacted by COVID-19 in the early parts of the pandemic and lockdowns across the world. The bounce back has seen the country fare quite well with only 5.4 cumulative cases out of 100,000 people in a two week period, this makes it a great place to visit which has a lower risk than other countries in the world. Other countries worth considering include Denmark, Greece and Iceland.

Now that you have chosen a destination that you would like to visit it is now time to choose where you are going to stay and what you are going to do. Worldee has a great new feature which allows you to plan your trips, including where you are going to stay and what you are to do with attractions and food down to the minute. The first step is to type in your destination and the duration of your stay. Then search for and learn about some of the best places to visit and stay in that area and put that into your itinerary and don’t forget to add your arrival and departure times for the hotel.

When you find the hotel that you want to stay in, be sure to head over to price comparison sites or to the hotels site directly to book your stay (currently Worldee is unable to book the stay for you). Once check in times are decided it is time for the fun to begin! There are some great platforms and ways to find brilliant places to make the most of your trip. Again by scheduling and planning your trip through Worldee you are going to be able to find some of the greatest hidden gems and amazing spots that you are not going to want to miss, the app allows to you filter down on the places that you want to visit also so that you aren’t being overwhelmed with clutter, if you want to visit an Italian then that is what Worldee will find you. For extra inspiration check on Instagram and search specifically for the region that you are visiting this will bring up the most recent posts and you will be able to see what other people who have visited are saying or posting about places you may wish to visit. Always remember if you find a place through any website to add that to the planner in the Worldee app, this makes the organisation of the trip perfect and seamless from the planning stage until you are actually in the location. One thing to note, please check with restaurants individually about availability and for the same goes for attractions, it is also worthwhile asking if there are any restrictions as you will not want any unpleasant surprises upon arrival to your location.

If you are still thinking that the COVID crisis is too hot for you to stay in a hotel then AirBnB or HostelPass may be great options for you. This is going to allow you to be able enjoy your holiday without the volume of people which is going to be in a hotel which could make you uncomfortable. The key to this is selecting a place that has had many bookings before so you know they have hosted people legitimately. Asking questions is also a key in this process, ask the host about places to visit, ask as many questions that are going to benefit you as possible, the host will be more than happy to help as they want to host you.

Are you ready to book and plan your next trip now? Hopefully you are more confident about places to visit and how to make the most out of the planning process during these uncertain times. Remember that the key to any trip is research on places that are going to be safe for you to visit and what are the rules regarding quarantine etc. Use Worldee to schedule all the individual places that you are going to visit and when it comes to seeing all those great places in the location Worldee is going to be there for you every step of the way!

To be able to plan, schedule and organise your next trip during this COVID-19 crisis download the Worldee app here!