How to Plan your Next Trip with Worldee

How to Plan your Next Trip with Worldee

We initially created Worldee to solve our travel problems and needs – with this in mind we update features, think of new ideas and add to our product to help travellers just like us around the world.

As I am a very organised person i wanted to be able to plan out my holidays before we visited so we can maximise our time spent in our chosen destination. This led us to add in a new feature to the app where you can search for the country you are visiting next and it will bring up what ever you are looking for in that location whether that be a restaurant, a hotel, a bar or an attraction. Now we have given you as a user the chance to be able to research your most lusted hot spots before you go!

Open the search feature of the app and select your chosen category eg. Restaurants

The best thing is a new addition to Worldee travel app is the ‘Wishlist’ feature, which means once you have found your most wanted places to go you can then save them which means you never have to try and remember (or screen shot!) again as they will all be filed in one handy place.

Type into the Search Bar your chosen city.

We are visiting Lindos this month, since we have already been before we already have some amazing restaurants we would like to visit again (read our next blog for recommendations on this!) however, we would love to try and find more fresh Worldee hotspots. All we do is open up Worldee travel app go to the search bar, click on the subheading we would like to see eg. restaurants type in Lindos, Greece and then voila! an abundance of restaurants will be at your disposal.

Browse the Restaurants of Lindos

After having a look for just 10 minuets we already found three new restaurants to try, we then saved them to our Wishlist which we can then simply bring back up once there open our directions feature and be on our way. Simple, easy, free. You have no headache of wondering where to go, or walking into a bad restaurant as you didn’t have time to research with Worldee beforehand.

Pick your restaurant.

As well as restaurants we also decided to research on attractions as our favourite thing about travelling to new countries is to find out a bit about the history or discover beautiful things.

Add to Wishlist

Once again, we repeat the process but this time have the search feature on attractions. The  best thing about Worldee as that this then allows you to also read up on the attraction before deciding whether this is where you would love to visit.

Revisit the Wishlist when you want to go there.

As quick as you can say ‘I want to go there’ it is already saved into your Wishlist and waiting for you to go on your next adventure.

Open it up again and choose the directions feature to get to your chosen destination.

To make the most of our latest feature please update Worldee via the app store and enjoy!