How to Travel With Worldee as a Backpacker on a Budget

How to Travel With Worldee as a Backpacker on a Budget

Statistics show that there are around 115 million youth travellers in Europe alone every year. Backpacking is an amazing experience and allows you to travel the world at your own leisure. However, this often means if you don’t decide to work part tine whilst travelling then you often have to compromise on what you do / where you go based on your financial situation.

Vietnam: Tam Coc Viewpoint of the Monkey Rehabilitation centre – Whilst on a backpacking trip

With Worldee you don’t have to compromise as our free travel app can help you find what is closest to you whether that be an attraction, a restaurant, a hotel or even a bar. This can help plan your trip more efficiently thus saving you money on transport and finding you a restaurant you can read up on before you visit to see whether it is within your price range.

Singapore – Backpacker Image

Not only will you be looking for restaurants and attractions as a backpacker you will be looking for a hotel or hostel to. Worldee travel app also finds hotels within a certain radius, you can set and save the radius feature to however far or near you want to travel and it will search places only within this distance. You then have the option to see some images of the hotels, read up about them and then even get directions to them. Not only can it save you money by finding you hotels of all price ranges it can also keep you safe and find somewhere closest to you in seconds.

Finding our hotel in Florence

Talking from personal experience, being at the start of my career we can afford to partake in amazing activities and visit stunning restaurants when visiting abroad however, this often has to be for a one-off occasion rather than a continuing theme throughout the whole of the trip.

Phnom Penh – Backpacker Image

More often than none I will find a restaurant that i would want to visit before hand via Instagram or Pinterest and more often than none this comes with a hefty price tag. For the duration of the trip we will want to save our money for attractions and experiences than on food. As these restaurants are often tucked away or hard to come by it then leaves you wondering the streets without a clue; that is where Worldee travel app comes in handy.

Traditional Backstreet Restaurant found with Worldee whilst travelling Copenhagen

When walking around Barcelona we had no idea where we were going or what to eat, once we loaded Worldee travel app we noticed that there was an abundance of restaurants close by that we would of never even known about. After looking through a couple and reading up some information on them – a feature of the app we finally decided to visit a cosy restaurant by the beach with only a couple of items on the menu one being Paella (which we had).

Restaurant we found in Barcelona with Worldee

Not quite finished with our night we wanted to continue to have a drink, we opened Worldee and clicked onto the ‘Night Life’ tab on the app, as it was late we didn’t want to be pointing the phone around to much so used the list feature which allows you to scroll whilst stationary.

Barcelona Art Museum We Found Whilst Wondering Around

We managed to find a secret bar and after looking at how far away it was to walk on the directions feature we noticed it was only 10 minuets’ walk which meant there was no need to spend money on public transport. I saved it to my wish list whilst we had a double check to see if there were any more bars near us that looked just as good but had a cheaper drinks menu. As there wasn’t we went back into my wish list and followed the directions to the next bar.

Disneyland Hon Kong – Backpacker Image

You don’t have to be a backpacker on a budget to use Worldee you can also be visiting a country on a budget to. Stop Wondering and Start Knowing for free today.

Sri Lanka – Backpacker Images