How to Use Worldee as a Family

How to Use Worldee as a Family

Worldee can be used by anyone anywhere in the World and that is why in this blog we wanted to explore how Worldee can be helpful to families. Across the globe there is approximately 2.25 billion families all with a unique taste of hobbies and interests, Worldee can entertain each and every one of these families through the use of augmented reality.

Using the Worldee AR screen

If your family is fascinated by history and has a thirst for knowledge we can help you find the best museums near you whether that be local for a quick day out or in your latest travel destination. When travelling abroad its often nice to explore the history and heritage of your current vacation, finding local museums is a great way to introduce you to the city.

Using the AR screen in Italy

Worldee finds attractions within a certain radius – if you have a younger more impatient family then you are always safe in the knowledge that whatever takes your interest you are assured will not take long to reach.

Directions feature on the app

Travelling as a large family can be expensive, more often than none you can get sucked into the over priced under valuable tour guides which turn out to be a waste of time, Worldee is a good way of solving this problem. Our app picks out key information on any attraction in the world, you can find out as much or even more through Worldee than you could on a pricey tour.

Display screen on the places that come up on the AR

Not only that you get the freedom to explore the attractions at your own leisure. The best part about this is that you get all of this for absolutely free (if you hadn’t guessed already Worldee is FREE!). If you don’t want to spend to much time reading the information Worldee can read it to you or if you want to enjoy looking around the attraction at the present time your most recent visits will be saved in your personal profile for you to read at a more convenient time.

Display screen in Italy

If you have an older family who are now sadly to old to vacay with you but like to explore the globe on their own, you can always rely on Worldee to be a trusted travel companion. A full-time travel blogger used the app to find her hotel every night whilst away on her most recent trip by finding it on the AR screen under the hotel section she knew the exact direction to pursue.

User of the app using the list feature

It can also help you dictate where you are and the type of area by showing you the specific bars, restaurants and hotels you can recognise and associate with. As a frequent lone female traveller myself I feel more comfortable searching for a restaurant beforehand in which is close to my hotel – (which I can tell via the directions feature of the app), and reading a brief description accompanied by images which shows me the specification of the restaurant. This is also mimicked in the bar and nightclub sectors.

Screen shot of the AR in Italy

Speaking to mum of two Kirsty she explained that ‘using Worldee helps me and my family as it encourages you to visit places you didn’t intentionally set out to visit or even know was there?’ Worldee helps discover places you never even knew existed even in your own home.

AR Screen of the app in Horndean

We also had the opportunity to speak to full time mum and lifestyle blogger @thelittlehouseofwinsor who told us a bit about how Worldee helps her and her family –

New York image by @thelittlehouseofwinser

“After a recent trip to New York we spent the first day completely overwhelmed with what to see and do, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use Worldee App! It was super easy to use and a game changer for our trip, standing on the Brooklyn Bridge we found the most incredible places with easy directions that we would never of found without using this app! This then helped map out the rest of our trip giving us so many opportunities to visit so many wonderful places. That in mind we could only begin to wonder what other amazing undiscovered places we would find back home, not only does it find these incredible destinations but provides knowledgeable information and suitable directions for all transport. We will be visiting Sorrento later on this year and cannot wait to use this genius app and would recommend it to anyone!’

New York image by @thelittlehouseofwinser