How To Use Worldee As An Entrepreneur!

How To Use Worldee As An Entrepreneur!

Being entrepreneurs means that we get to travel a lot for our job. Other business owners and entrepreneurs may or may not experience this!

However, in both cases Worldee can help you in so many different ways and for all kinds of businesses. We took the time this week to meet up with some of those owners and discuss exactly how they used Worldee to benefit them. Throughout the course of this post, we will show you how you can also use Worldee to help you and your business.

We started off by actually realising how our app benefits us directly with the work that we are doing. The biggest reason we originally created Worldee was so that we could know everything about the places around us, all around the world and originally this was just for travel-related subjects, however we looked deeper and it sprung to our attention that Worldee had so many benefits that were outside of the travel community. We both use the app for work in very different ways.

Connor and Daisy

Connor uses it to find remote spaces to work when he is getting creative coming up with designs and prototypes. He always goes to the app and looks for local restaurants, cafes and hotels where he can carry out this work and suggests that other freelancers and business owners can do this also.

Queens hotel Worldee

Connor encourages people to go on the app and constantly seek out new places to work for being creative, at least once a week he is pulling up the AR screen in Worldee and looking for which places are close by, this leads to reading up on the places, then directions to their door and beginning his work for a few hours. He describes it as ‘an extremely efficient way of finding the best spots to work from.’

working remotely hotels

On the other hand, Daisy who co-founded Worldee with Connor has a very different outlook on why and how Worldee is used to great effect when used to her business needs. She does a lot more travelling in her job role and also goes to many more meetings with clients. Therefore Worldee is a huge benefit to her because wherever she is in the world she is able to find the places she needs to set up or attend meetings fast, by simply using the AR screen on the category she needs. This allows her to find a suitable place for the type of meeting she is having.

Travelling for work

As mentioned before, Daisy travels great amounts for work and she said the app actually made her feel ‘extremely safe’ when going to places she visits. One thing she regularly does is check where her hotel is from the airport so she knows the distance and can manage her time effectively. She also understands that no matter where she is in the world Worldee makes every city feel more familiar allowing her to relax when she is doing her job regardless of her global position.

Familiar settings abroad

Outside of the owners of Worldee many more entrepreneurs and business owners reaped the benefits of the app and these ranged from football coaches, haulage companies and a jewellery brand. Many of you reading this will be thinking ‘how on earth can a travel app benefit so many different categories of entrepreneur’s?’ Well, this is how.

Entrepreneurs with Worldee

Pat Suraci the owner of Train Elite football coaching admitted that he used the app to find the healthiest places to eat which were local to him. He also recommended that all of the players on his programme downloaded the app to find these ‘healthy spots’ also. He explained that ‘healthy eating was absolutely vital to improving performance in football’ and pointed out that he can easily find the best restaurants to suit his and his players needs.

Finding healthy eateries

Pat explained that he often uses Worldee ‘directly after a training session or match, by pulling up the main screen or the listed feature and reading up on the restaurant which is going to be the most beneficial to him and his players.’ The key takeaway for anybody in the sports industry would be that you can find the places which are more suited to their fitness regardless of where you are in the world.

Pat Suraci

So how does this benefit a road haulage company? When we sat down to talk with Michele at T.I.P.C.I Group Limited, she explained she tells every lorry driver to download Worldee, as often drivers have to spend the night in different places due to circumstances out of their control. She explained to the drivers that using the app allowed them to find the nearest hotel to stay in and the closest place to have something for dinner.

Road Haulage Worldee

Going on to further explain that this dramatically reduced the stress level of the driver because they are less worried about finding these places thanks to Worldee. Also stating that if the driver was ever stuck in the same place again that they would feel safer and more familiar because of the experience they had with Worldee the first time around.

There are still so many benefits that we have not included and we would absolutely love to hear from you on the ways which Worldee is helping to benefit your business. Get in touch and we will share your stories.

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