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Inside Indonesia’s Pink and Sandy Beaches Situated in Komodo Island

Komodo is a beautiful island in Indonesia renowned for the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon. This is a creature native to this Island hence the name. Around 2500 of these creatures reside on the Island, as well as about 2000 people.

Far from that, Komodo is also known for its pink beach. The sand around this Komodo beach is light reddish, and the water is turquoise in color. The good thing is that Komodo is easily accessible from Flores Island.

The pink beach in Komodo Island isn’t the only one that can be found in Indonesia; there is also another one near Bali on the Island of Lombok. However, pink beaches are not any mean feat; only a handful of them exist worldwide.

This review will, in detail, explain how to set foot on the unique beaches of Komodo, including the pink one. It will also discuss what makes these beaches in color and where you can reside while you are on this trip.

How Do You Get to Komodo Island?

The only way to get to Komodo and visit the beach is via Labuan Bajo by boat. The trip is about 40 Km, and the entire journey takes about one and a half hours; if you use a speed boat and a slower boat, it should take about 3 hours.

When you get there, you can choose to either dock on the beach or if you prefer to hike amongst the cliffs, you can do so by docking on a different part of the Island. The journey is quite long – 4 hours, but you get to see quite a lot.

You can visit all the top sites on Komodo Island, including the pink beach, in a day’s full trip. You can also hop on a liveaboard cruiser and take the excursion over several days.

Getting to Labuan Bajo is even easier because there are many flights from Bali, and the journey takes about an hour with prices as low as 30 dollars. Once you land in Labuan Bajo, it’s possible to get a boat on the harbor, or you can book one online

The Beaches to Visit

Pink Beach in Padar
The pink beach in Padar is perhaps the most colorful beach that Indonesia has to offer. This beach sits in a concealed bay on the northern side of Padar, just a brief distance from the Island’s famous viewpoint.

This beach is also renowned for its food tents, locally known as Warungs. These tents come in handy when you want to buy refreshments to quench your thirst from the scorching heat. Also, you can purchase souvenirs here.

Pink Beach in Komodo
This beach can be found directly on Komodo Island, which as cited above, is famous for its native Komodo dragon. However, you are not likely to see these creatures freely roaming the Island as they prefer to reside in the hills.

This pink beach is not as colorful as the one in Padar, but it’s surrounded by massive hills making it more picturesque. On Komodo Island, there are plenty of vantage points that you can scale to get even more splendid views of the beach.

Komodo also has food tents to serve revelers, and don’t worry, they are hidden among the trees, and they don’t hamper the scenery that much.

Why Are the Sands On the Beach Pink?

The beaches in Komodo Island get their pink hue from Foraminifera – these are red microscopic bacteria that inhabit coral reefs and, from time to time, wash up on the beach.

A pink beach is extremely rare, and only a handful can be found around the world. Moreover, pink beaches are a more infrequent occurrence compared to black beaches.

All in all, when you decide to visit Komodo Island, you should set aside a pretty significant amount of time. This is because there is so much to do and see, including the pink sandy beaches as illustrated above.