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Looking for Your next Big Adventure? Add These to Your Travel Bucket List

Amazon river, Galapagos Islands, Northern Lights, Italian Opera

Many of us have things we’d like to accomplish before we turn a certain age or something we’ve always wanted to experience but have put off for one reason or another and some of us struggle to find inspiration when it comes to creating a bucket list!

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find some bucket list ideas chosen with travellers in mind.

Experience an Italian Opera

Opera is often thought of as something stuffy, pretentious and unbelievably dull. But did you know that there’s an opera for everyone? Forget women singing at the top of their lungs with horns on their helmets, opera is a great experience that is open to everyone. Italian operas are said to be some of the greatest shows in the world, and more and more people are heading to Teatro alla Scala or Arena di Verona for a real taste of culture. Opera Tickets in Italy are easily accessible and more often than not, cheaper seats become regularly available.

See the Northern Lights

One of natures greatest displays, this incredible show of mysterious colours has enchanted and captivated us humans for thousands of years. This timeless thrill is a must see for any traveller, and it’s often described as a humbling experience as well as a spiritual one. Head North to the Artic Region if you want a real experience.

The Galapagos Islands

If you’re more of a wildlife lover and want to inject a little nature into your bucket list, then head to the Galapagos Islands – one of the most famous locations in the world for observing wildlife. This dot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has to be seen to be believed. With terrain that varies from volcanic rocks to green highlands, blue bays, sparkling waters and of course tropical beaches in abundance. You’ll find yourself face to face with incredible – and oddly fearless – wildlife at every turn.

The Great American Road Trip

Often depicted in films, tv and books many of us dream of hitting the highway and tearing off across the greatest country on Earth. But it can be more than just a dream. You can literally plan your road trip from East to West and stop at everywhere and anywhere in between. Make sure you create a long enough playlist!

Visit the Amazon

The Amazon is an incredible wonder of nature. A river that stretches over 4,400 miles – if you’ve never considered a trip to South America then now is the time. If you want to experience the wilder side of the Amazon, then the famous Amazon Jungle is the place to visit. The largest jungle of its kind on the planet, it is an immensely populated and incredibly diverse haven for wildlife of all shapes and sizes. With over 30,000 plant species, 1,300 species of bird, 311 mammals, 1,800 types of fish and 165 kinds of amphibian. The Amazon is a thing of beauty nestled within a diverse, and colourful country.