Manchester By Night

Manchester By Night

Manchester was a part of the country we never managed to visit despite living in England. The Manchester Arena prompted the visit to watch a show, a day event which finished at 5 pm giving us plenty of time to explore the city in the evening.

Botanist Worldee

Wondering around we decided to look for a bar using Worldee App which is where we discovered the Botanist not far from our hotel. We have only ever visited a Botanist bar in Newcastle and loved the experience, so we were excited to see if the Manchester branch was equally as good.

Inside the Botanist

Walking in we recognised the branding immediately, wooden benches, greenery and an extensive cocktail list. After our drinks, we looked for a restaurant to go for dinner, as it was Sunday we knew it would not be busy. Looking on Worldee’s restaurant filter Tattu caught our attention due to the quirky name and logo. We checked the directions in the app and realised it was only a 7-minute walk from the Botanist.

Worldee Tattu

Once arriving at Tattu we were greeted at the entrance and shown to our seats, the interior lived up to its name; decked out in oversized anchors covered in roses – symbolic to traditional tattoo designs, sophisticated tattooed bodies of young women and the main centrepiece being their cherry blossom tree.

Cherry Blossom Dessert

Exotic names and flavour combinations from their cocktail menu caught my eye. So I started with the “Elixir of Life”, along with the cocktail itself was a letter, explaining what the elixir of life actually was, which was a nice touch as it involved us even more.

Elixir Of Life Message


What was great about this restaurant for a first time tryer was their taster menus, each menu consisted of 2-3 starters and mains and then a selection of desserts the price varied on each menu depending on which type of dish each menu had. We went for menu 2 as it contained the most dishes we like the sound of, for starters, they served us sticky beef ribs, red Thai chicken curry, and sticky red prawn dumplings, each dish was presented beautifully as well as tasting amazing.


Beef Rib


For main we had a salmon dish, truffle mushroom chicken sharer, accompanied by duck egg and sausage fried rice with grilled sweet soy asparagus. The salmon was our personal favourite as it was cooked to perfection.


Prawn Dumplings


For me, dessert was definitely the show stopper. We were bought out a selection of sorbets along with their signature dish. The Cherry Blossom which coincided with the overall theme of the cherry blossom being the main decoration. A dark chocolate tree was covered in pink candy floss with a strong chocolate cherry moose layer on the bottom, arriving smoking we had to get a video. Dry ice was used to create the illusion that smoke was leaking from the tree, we both agreed in terms of the setting, food and drinks this was one of the most memorable meals we have ever had.


Chicken and Asparagus


To finish I was intrigued to try another cocktail after having such a cool experience with the first one, this time I chose their signature cocktail the “Skull Candy”. Arriving in … you guessed it, a skull head with smoke coming from the drink, one for the ‘gram’ for sure, so keep your phone handy when you are ordering this one.


Being one of the most fascinating restaurant settings we have been in for a while, we still felt like there was more to explore in the square we were in known as Spinningfields. Loading Worldee again this time on the nightlife section we saw there was an Alchemist close by, we looked at the directions to see it was only a 2-minute walk away. Renowned for their unconventional cocktail making skills we decided to head there.


It’s always nice to ask the waiter which cocktail they would recommend based on your personal taste, as they can often make good suggestions, that is what I did and ended up making with an “Over the Rainbow”. We sat at the bar, so we could watch the staff making their cocktails as the Alchemist use unusual items such as Bunsen burners to make their creations so it always fun to watch.


We saw our hotel on the Worldee app and realised a 15-minute walk in the rain was not going to go down well, so instead, we ordered a taxi which was only 5 minutes instead.

Worldee Tattu

By looking at Worldee and the different nightlife and restaurants around us we have saved many of the places we would love to go and are in the process of organising a trip back with friends very soon.