Our Lindos Hot Spots

Our Lindos Hot Spots

Lindos has been our go to holiday destiantion 2 years in a row, can you tell we love it? As well as Lindos being beautiful Greece as a country is in general, with over 28 million tourists a year this makes Greece one of the most visited countries in Europe. From this we understand that Greece is a lusted destination therefore we thought it would be valuable to give you a low down on our Lindos hot spots we found through word of mouth and through Worldee for those considering the trip.


One of our favourite restaurants on the island. The outside is deceiving, you must walk up the stairs to arrive at the heart of the restaurant which you will notice is actually on the roof therefore you have amazing views of the town, sea and the Acropolis.

Located right at the start of the town where the taxi (and donkey) rank is you wont even have to walk far to reach it. Every day they serve alongside their menu fresh catches of the day, if you are a fish fan we highly recommend – you can’t get much fresher than that! In terms of entertainment if you catch the owners on a good day they will burst into some rustic guitar playing adding to the ambience.

Giorgos Cocktail Bar

Lindos isn’t just known for it’s romantic quiet restaurants, the Greeks also know how to party. We found this bar after coming out of a restaurant we found via Worldee travel app.

It caught our attention with their dance music and dark interior. The drinks weren’t as cheap as other places you could find in Lindos however you paid for the atmospherics and the little details. I ordered a Porn Star Martini which came out with a flaming passion fruit and accompanied by chocolates. Now if that’s not going all our I don’t know what is!

Restaurant Palestra

Recommended by a friend we decided to visit restaurant Palestra. It is always nice to visit somewhere based on recommendation as you know that you already have a trusted opinion.

It was one of our best recommendations yet, this restaurant is a bit out of the way from the main town located on a small part of the beach if you get a taxi they can take you down there. The first thing you see when you reach the restaurant is there outside beach bar – at this point I was worried we had made the wrong decision. However, as you walk round through to the main entrance and outside seating area you can understand what the fuss is all about.

You are sat directly on the beach, it is full with locals which makes you feel comfortable that the food will be authentic and Greek. The menu was very small accompanied by specials, I opted for the dish of the day a fresh seafood linguine, the best choice i could of made as this was delicious.

You also have the setting which tops this restaurant off, you are located at the bottom of Lindos so you get to over see the whole of the city, at night it looks even more special as the street lights twinkle in the distance. I would say this is a very romantic Worldee spot so if you are in a couple this is perfect.

On our next visit to Lindos we used the new search feature of Worldee to find our next must try’s. We found attractions St Pauls Bay and the Acropolis which we will give full reviews on as well as the Rainbird Bar which we are excited to try so stay tuned for a full update.