Our Top Greece Picks – Part 1

Our Top Greece Picks – Part 1


As we were in Pefkos Rhodes for 2 weeks we decided to spend a couple of days at Pefkos beach. During one of the days we decided to go somewhere for lunch; despite staying at an all-inclusive hotel.

We opened Worldee to look for restaurants near us and the one that caught out eye was Philosophia Beach Restaurant, we also noticed it was only a 2-minute walk away from our curent location.

After opening the directions feature of the app we walked up to the restaurant which we later discovered was on top of the cliff offereing outstanding views accross the Greek island. We made it just in time before the restaurant closed and was shutting early for a wedding.

As it was lunch time me and my sister shared a salad and a baguetter whereas Connor went all out with a burger, which he described as ‘unreal’. Due to the nature of the wedding with our bill they offered the Rhodes Pasteli Bar which is offered as wedding flavours. This was a thoughtful touch. We enjoyed the restaurant so much that we decided to re-book for an evening meal to watch sunset.

By pre-booking they reserved the best seats in the house – along the edge with an undisturbed view of the scenery. As we were booked in for an evening meal the menu was different, we shared the bruschetta as a started which we all thoroughly enjoyed, I opted for the Sea Bass for main as their catches are fresh on the scene; this came served with roasted vegetables and new potatoes.

An amazing experience was getting to watch the waiter de-bone my fish in front of me. Our night at Philosophia was one of our special meals so we decided to get a desert to try, I had the chocolate tarte which was amazing but extremely rich.

Overall the most memorable part of the restaurant was the service – all waiters were welcoming friendly and extremely competent, they couldnt do enough for us. This is a pricier restaurant compared to othe restaurants on the Pefkos island however the food and overall experience is worth it.


The Acropolis

Staying in Pefkos meant we were only a 10-minute drive away from Lindos another Greek island and home to the Acropolis. The Acropolis was founded by the Dorians in the 10th century B.C in the 8th century which we learnt from Worldee App. We decided to visit The Acropolis during our trip to Lindos as we have visited Lindos before however never made it to the attraction despite finding it on Worldee.

Visiting in August means the temperate was outrageously hot, so we decided to visit late afternoon/ early evening as the closing time was 7:30pm however this made no difference to the heat unfortunately. On our way up to the top which you must walk up (unless you use a Donkey taxi) we were sweating profusely! It is HOT! We would recommend taking a fan or a frozen bottle of water and a hand towel… no seriously! But we would say it was worht the climb, and the swaet.

Everywhere you looked the scenery was beautiful, and the history was interesting to read about. One important note is to wear trainers whilst walking to the top, the footpath is particularly slippery so if you are making the ascend by foot then be sure that you are wearing appropriate footwear.

What we found most facinating was that the archaelogical remains found inside and around the Acropolis of Lindos reveal the wealth of the ancient town. Part of the monument is a Doric 4th – century temple devoted to the Athena Lindia, where people used to worship their patron goddess with offerings and sacrafices.

It was built on the remains of another temple. The Acropolis is a great Worldee recomendation we would just suggest not visiting in peak hours of the day when the sun is hottest.

Apart from the history and amazing culture of Lindos, the Acropolis also offers some of the most picturesque views of the town, due to being placed on the highest point of Lindos. Be sure to take your time when you have reached the peak as there is some amazing photo opportunities in the Acropolis and information to learn. A must see!


One of our favourite restaurants on the island. The outside is decieving, you must walk up the stairs to arrive at the heart of the restaurant which you will notice is actually on the roof therefore you have beautiful views of the town, sea and the Acropolis.

Located right at the start of Lindos where you will get dropped off via taxi, so you dont even have to walk far to reach it. Every day they serve alongside their menu fresh catches of the day, if you are a fish fan we highly reccomend opting for that – you cant get my fresher on the island. On our recent visit I again had the fresh catch which was sea bass cooked in a mixture of herbs and spices, wrapped and roasted in the oven. In terms of entertainment if you catch the owners on a good day they will burst into some rustic guitar playing.


St Pauls Bay

For one of our days in Greece we decided to take a boat trip. Like all things Greece it was completely laid back and they allowed us to not only have the boat all to ourselves but to drive and navigate it to.

Once we got the hang of it it wasn’t hard to direct and all the main attractions were on a straight coast line – again not hard to find. We first arrived at St Pauls Bay, a beautiful secluded beach on the island of Pefkos, arriving via boat we entered through the harbour entracne allowing us to swim right out into the bay.

The sea around that area is a clear turquoise blue like no other you would find any where else, the beach mirrors its beauty, with fine white sand and matching cabana beach beds. This is a lovely peaceful attraction if you are planning your time in Greece, there is also some amazing lunch pit stops along the shore – if you are looking for somewhere open up Worldee on the restaurant feature to find out what’s near you without moving an inch.


Archers Nightclub

Archers is one of the only nightclubs in Lindos, unfortunately it doesn’t compare to a lot of clubs we have been to in our time however if you are looking for some loud dance music and dark lighting this does the job. Being 23 we did still feel old believe it or not! We would say archers is definatley appealing to the under 20 generation. Entry into the club is free however it makes up for the extortionate drink prices, we wouldnt recommend Archers if you are visiting on a family trip we would however if you are with your partners or friends looking for somewhere for a giggle and a boogie.