Our Top Greece Picks – Part 2

Our Top Greece Picks – Part 2

Cesar Mese Food

After spending a few days in Pefkos and exploring Lindos we were luckily messaged by a restaurant which would have held its place extremely well in London or any other major city based on the style and food presentation.

They reserved for us a very specdial table which had amazing views over Lindos town we were booking in for around 7:30pm so we were there in time to watch the sunset. We were offered at the beginng of our meal the ‘chefs present’ for the night which was a charcoal cone with a fish cream inside, this was delightful to say the least.

Next we picked a selection of bread to be accompanied by Tzatziki. The main was something that you would see in a 5 star restaurant accross the world. A sea bass with Ouzo pasta and lemon foam, the presentation was beautiful.

As we were so facinated by all the food we had tried so far we decided to try a desert partly becasuse of fascination and partly because we fancied something sweet. We ordered the baklava – a tradditional Greek desert, it was presented in an experiential way continuing the theme of the night and it tasted amazing.

Following this great meal we were offered shots to finish our meal, not only was we given the shot but they also left the small bottle of spirit on the table to wash down our meal.


There was so much to talk about regarding this place and the interior also has to be mentioned a built in swimming pool which is there just for effect in the evening and a roof top decor which is just to gaze upon.

Even the plates were set on the tables in an eye catching way. Everything about Cesar Mezr made us feel special and it was our favourite meal in Lindos over the last 2 years.



After deciding that we were going to used Worldee for the first time to pick a restaurant for a spontaneous meal, Enigma stood out.

It was one of the closer placed to our hotel and after reading about their restaurant it was decided that we were immediately going to head there.

We walked up to the restaurant and set out eyes on the beautifully designed waterfall built at the front of the restaurant. After being guided to the top of the restaurant we were sat with an amazing sea view to the left of us and to the right we could see the mountains in Pefkos, this was picturesque and seeing this view from here is something which I wish I could relive again and again. A selection of bread greeted us for starters accompanied by various dips.

Our mains differed, one was moussaka and the other was a pastry filled with beef, both meals were unbelievable tradditional Greek choices. This night was especially great and made better because of the wonderful views and reasonable price tag.



Deep into Lindos lies a rock bar which regularly hosts live music. Socrates is old school and the owners make you feel extremely welcome. With the main bar being on a smaller side the atmousphere is unique snd personal. With some of the greatest rock songs ever being played continuously, Socrates will have you singing along all night. We come here 3 times over the last 2 weeks because this is the place to have a really good time if you enjoy this type of music.


Rainbird Bar Cafe

Following our descend from The Acropolis we were well in order for a sit down and a drink. We passed a bar which we then checked out with Worldee and decicded that this would be the place for us.

If stunning views are your thing whilst having a nice cold drink then the Rainbird Bar is for you. Looking down on Lindos bay where many boats are docked, watching a sunset and enjoying either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. This place was to die for. With every drinks order came a fresh portion of snacks to make sure your peckish needs are equally met by your thirst. A beautiful place to hang out for a few hours and relax.