Polpo Negro Restaurant Review

Polpo Negro Restaurant Review

Valentines day can often be over rated but this year seeing as it was on a Friday sometimes it’s a nice excuse to go out and enjoy yourself. Even before we had Worldee but even more so now discovering and trying new restaurants has become somewhat of a hobby. We were recommended Pulpo Negro in New Alresford by a friend who raved about the food and atmosphere. After doing some research on Worldee around the New Alresford area it was obvious that this was one of the best restaurants there, something that was also confirmed by winning their second consecutive Michelin Bib award both for 2018 and 2019.

On arrival we noticed the restaurant was very cosy and intimate, the lighting was dim but not so bad you couldn’t see what you were doing. We were taken to our seat and ordered our first drink, I had a Negroni and Connor ordered a coke but to our surprise coke wasn’t on the menu! So instead Connor had to opt for a cloudy lemonade.  The menu was one page with just enough options, from personal experience restaurants with smaller menus often are better as they have more of a focus on the courses they do offer.

As it was our first time at the restaurant we were stuck on what to order as we wanted to try the best dish offerings of Pulpo Negro so we asked the waiter to order 6 dishes on our behalf excluding our choice of bread and alioli which we had ordered while we pondered over the menu and our decision to ask the waiter to choose for us.

The dishes were bought over in tiers so that they didn’t go cold and were served in 2 often focusing on flavours that complemented each other, this was also bought out in terms of when each dish was ready. What did impress me was that the tables extended out like a school desk to make room for the tapas dishes, for a tapas restaurant I thought this was very innovative as this is something I have never seen before but so handy as tapas is often a squeeze on the table.

Our first two dishes were the artichokes deep fried and served with a lime and yogurt dip alongside parmesan and chorizo stuffed parcels – can we just note everything was amazing! Next came the aubergine which was BBQed and served with chimichurri tomato sauce along with the ‘pulpo negro special’, an octopus tail which was presented beautifully and cooked to perfection. Our last two dishes was a dish they called ‘Gypsy Potatoes’ potatoes served with mushrooms, an egg and truffle this was bought out with the chicken thigh in a rich sauce which was really complimented by the potatoes, the chicken was so tender it quite literally melted in your mouth.

We honestly loved all of the dishes and was so glad we went with the waiter’s recommendations as they were all so good. We were full after dinner but as we had travelled to the restaurant we thought it was only necessary we tried a desert, again we was recommended the churros, an everyday special on their menu, these were to die for but I am so glad we shared as they were so rich. Throughout dinner I had another drink this time opting for the house red which was full body but not to dry.

Despite the dimly lit atmosphere and the attraction of the older audience they played some really good dance tunes – not to housie just good to listen to whilst eating and drinking. When the bill came, we were honestly surprised at how cheap it was we had our £20 deposit taken off and with a tip it came to only paying £63. We have paid a lot more than that on meals that were not on that level. We already can’t wait to go back, amazing staff, beautiful food at a great price and a lovely atmosphere – 5 star.