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Reasons To Spend Your Holiday At Home This Year

Holiday At Home

When the summer arrives, people flock to foreign climes in their millions. It seems that this country is not the place to be when searching for sun and excitement. Are these people making a mistake though?

There is much to attract them in this country, if they consider carefully what it is they wish to gain from their holiday. Obviously there are certain things that Britain cannot offer, such as scaling incredibly high mountains, but for the average tourist, we have buckets full of great things to do and see.

If you are unsure whether your holiday would be best spent at home or abroad this year, you will find some compelling arguments here that may persuade you to stay at home. Read on and form your own opinion.


It will take a very long time to get to some countries, sometimes over twenty four hours flying time. Surely this time can be better spent by enjoying yourself, rather than sitting in a cramped tube surrounded by bad mannered strangers. Think about the real time spent travelling to a foreign holiday. Add up the times that each of these elements takes.

  • Wait for a bus

  • Bus to a train station

  • Wait for a train

  • Train journey

  • Transport to the airport

  • Wait at the airport

  • Flying time

  • Transfer from the airport to your final destination

The same process happens in reverse on the way home. If you stay in Britain, it is unlikely that you will find yourself any further than seven hours driving time from your destination.

What Have They Got That We Haven’t?

It is true, Britain has a lot to offer. If you are seeking stunning scenery, Wales and Scotland have plenty for you to explore. There are great hills and mountains for walking, beaches to equal any of those in Europe (and they are not as crowded), and historic buildings that are the envy of the world. The theme parks here, such as Alton Towers equal all but the best that the rest of the world has to offer, so if it is thrills that you seek, look no further.


We are a lazy lot and sometimes it is just too much effort to learn about other cultures, so that we will know the do’s and don’ts in our behavior when abroad. There is nothing to learn for spending a holiday at home, we have the same customs nationwide. Be polite and queue up. That is all you need to know.


By staying at home, you will avoid the need to pay for expensive aeroplane fuel and crippling excess baggage charges. People say that they can go abroad for less than it costs to holiday at home. Sometimes that is true, but the quality of holiday is usually very poor in comparison to what you get over here for the same price.

However, if the reason you are staying at home is because your passport has expired, don’t let this stop you! Here is the address of the London Victoria passport office; what are you waiting for?!