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Take Your Family on a Sailing Holiday

Sailing Holiday

When you think about what the best vacation options are for your family, several things will spring to mind – a beach holiday in a villa, an all-inclusive resort, or maybe skiing in and out from a private slope-side chalet? But have you ever considered a siling holiday?

We’e not talking mass-market trips on a boat that houses thousands of people, with everyone swarming to the same spots in whichever port you get off the boat at, but something like a Croatian catamaran charter – private, luxurious, and away from the masses.

When you’re evaluating the pros and cons of the various holiday options, you’ll find sailing holidays are a great option, providing outstanding experiences compared to the other vacation options – and it is quite possible to get the advantages of the sailing holiday on a pocket-friendly budget.

Here are the best things you can expect from sailing holidays.

Completely Private

The biggest advantage of sailing holidays is privacy. Unlike hotels and gigantic cruise ships, there will be no one to bother you while enjoying quality time with your friends or relatives. It is soothing while having the outstanding meals prepared by world-class chefs and there is no one staring at you while enjoying your meal. When you come to the yacht, it will give you an outstanding experience that you can’t get from any other source. This is the best way to relax with your family.

Zero Experience

Some people fear going on sailing holidays as they have zero knowledge of sailing. It is impressive to come head out on the water in a beautifully designed yacht charter but it brings a certain amount of trepidation.  You do not need to worry though – you can take the boat with a Skipper, who will also have the benefit of local knowledge that comes with sailing the same waters week-in, week-out.  He’ll know where all the best places are.

If you take the boat with a hostess too, they will also know how to sail, though their main focus is on looking after her guests to give them an unmatchable holiday experience. The staffs of the yachts are professional and they always try to cater to the experience, which you may not get from any land-based holiday locations.

Completely Flexible

You are capable of exploring at your own pace – if you want to stop and eat somewhere special, you can do.  If you want to throw down the anchor and do some snorkelling, you can do.  If you want to moor up and climb to the top of a tiny island, you can do!  Enjoy jumping off from the boat, snorkelling, eating, sunbathing – all at your own pace and timings.

You are free to sail wherever you want, it is possible to get the best experience from the warm sparkling sea, have lunch at the local taverna and then go to explore idyllic coves along with bays. These outstanding features make sailing holidays more enjoyable compared to the other holiday options.

Learn New Skills

Sailing holidays are completely different from normal hotels, and kids have plenty of things to learn – about the yacht and how to navigate in the deep sea, swimming, diving, getting the sails up and so much more.