The Alchemist – The Real Life Hogwarts

The Alchemist – The Real Life Hogwarts

The Alchemist is a franchise restaurant chain with locations spanning across the UK from Manchester to most recently Portsmouth. We had the opportunity to check out the brand-new restaurant in our home town just before Christmas to have an all singing all dancing magical dining and drinking experience.

It would only be natural to start with one of their famous cocktails – each cocktail maker that works within The Alchemist chain are expected to know the top 100 cocktail recipes in the world which updates daily as well as their own specially crafted concoctions. I opted for an Alchemist own drink the Aviator, the drink was served within a hipflask which you could actually keep or trade in for a discounted drink. Even a coke-a-cola came in a scientific bottle very in keeping with the theme.

Once drinks were sorted, we moved onto the menu, to start we tried the chorizo and cheese filled dough balls, this was served with a syringe of melted cheese so that you could add as much as desired to acquire your taste – it was also very creative and memorable as well as being delicious. We also decided to share the duck spring rolls and pop corn chicken served with an aioli dip both were delectable but wasn’t presented with the same consistency and flare as the dough balls and cocktails.

Moving on to mains I had ordered the chicken fajitas and Connor had ordered the chicken burger with chips, there is no real theme to the menu there seems to be a large variety of dishes which is great as it can comply to any needs.

My fajitas arrived sizzling and gave off the dreamiest aroma, Connors burger was nice but didn’t seem to come with any presentational flare which was mirrored in the atmosphere, drinks and appetiser.

Even though we were absolutely full to the brim we decided to share a desert as the brownie caught both our eyes. This was definitely up there when it comes to brownie deserts and one to satisfy those with an extremely sweet tooth.

Throughout dinner I ordered two more cocktails, both of which required a download of the Conjurer app, I started with the Adams Apple and when it arrived it was presented with a personalised coaster, we were instructed to hover the opened app over the image in which an augmented reality feature popped up. The graphics where spectacular and this was a truly memorable drink. I ordered another cocktail from this menu – The Sailor Jerry in which we repeated the same process and a new visual graphic video appeared.

If you are looking to be ‘wowed’ we would suggest ordering a cocktail from this menu. A lot of their cocktails are experiential and often catch your eye with their cool inventions some of which includes having bubbles spill over your cup or a smoky dry ice feature.

Overall the restaurant was great the interior and menus live up to its sister restaurants which all in keep with the theme of its name – The Alchemist, the cocktail menu uses the periodic table, each drink looks like they are an outcome of a scientific experiment and the interior has lots of gold and brown dark themes which makes you feel as though you are part of a new Harry Potter World (not to mention that the logo looks similar to the Deathly Hallows Sign) #GeekAlert.

If you are in Portsmouth we would highly recommend visiting The Alchemist for an experience as well as trying some yummy food and drinks.