The Marvellous Mary Rose

The Marvellous Mary Rose

The Mary Rose museum is a historical museum located at Historic Dockyards in Portsmouth, UK ran by the Mary Rose Trust. Recently the museum has undergone major reconstruction in terms of design and interactive entertainment making your experience fun and educational for adults and children.

During construction of the museum, conservation of the hull continued inside a sealed “hotbox”. In April 2013, the polyethene glycol sprays were turned off and the process of controlled air drying began. In 2016 the “hotbox” walls were removed and after reopening the ship was on display behind glass so that the Mary Rose was more visible, this was made possible by a £5.4 million development plan.

The anchor outside

As soon as the Mary Rose museum comes into sight you can immediately notice the modernisation compared to other museums around the city. From a bird’s eye view, the museum looks as if it is floating in water; a nice touch adding to the theme of the museum. Once walking in the interactivity starts straight away with videos of the sinking Mary Rose filling numerous sensations in terms of sight and sound which immediately immerses you making you feel as if you were actually there.

Worldee and Mary Rose

As well as having videos and the standard information boards they have touchpads which encourages you to learn about something specific to you. We continued to make our way through the museum with the second room acting as a cinema, you had the opportunity to watch how the sinking started with personal stories told from crew members perspectives of the mix of emotions felt.

Mary Rose preserved

The next room of the museum focused on the crew members, the scientific intelligence was fascinating. Architects have managed to find out where the different crew members came from, their roles on the ship and how their roles might have affected them. We slowly made our way through the other rooms in the museum with different parts of the ship to discover, the interior was dark and cool to preserve parts of the ship that have been found and separated.

We finally made it to The Mary Rose itself secluded in a separate room closed off by sliding doors as there had to be a particular light and temperature to preserve the ship. What was nice was the re-enactments demonstrated by videos which were placed around the ruins. The short videos were placed in the areas where each job might partake opening your imagination to the realities of the ship all them years ago.

Close up of the ship

You can take images in here as the ship is protected by glass, the best place to get images is in the lift on the way down where you can get a side view. The downstairs rooms show more of the artefacts they have found from the recovery of the ship followed by a café and a gift shop.

The cannon

If you are looking for a fun and educational day out to take the children, or if you are a history buff yourself this is the ideal place to visit. As well as the Mary Rose you can also take full advantage of the attractions surrounding such as the HMS Victory and the Royal Navy.

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