The Secrets of the Future of Worldee

The Secrets of the Future of Worldee

Due to the current pandemic the obvious guidance and advice is to avoid non-essential travel in the UK however that doesn’t mean Worldee can’t be used or help during this time.

One of our main features is our blog posts, we currently have 40 (including this one) across the app and our website: and they are all based on past experiences or how Worldee can help you depending on your lifestyle.

‘When we read, not only are we improving memory and empathy, but research has shown that it makes us feel better and more positive too. Science has shown that reading has some amazing health benefits, including helping with depression, cutting stress, and reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer’s later in life.’ Business Insider has researched. With the current state of affairs; Covid 19 is said to not only leave physical scars but mental to, this could be from the loss of a loved one, rising anxieties surrounding work and careers, or even loneliness therefore it’s important we look after our mental health as well as physical. Reading can genuinely improve mental health hence why we are doing our best to post at least one blog a week from now on to keep you entertained and distracted even if it is just 5 minuets of your time.

Make the most of your free time and take an in-depth look at what restaurants, bars, hotels and attractions are around you in your hometown.

On a recent Worldee poll 86% of us felt before the pandemic we never had enough time so lets really make the most of our time now and do things we never prioritised. Our AR screen is the first page which appears when opening the app all you have to do is simply select which category you want to look for. For example; I was keen to see if there was any near by attractions to give myself a target to run to (this makes running a bit more exciting if you have a goal). This was when I noticed just 1.4 mile walk away, we have a WW1 Remembrance centre something I never even knew existed.

Looking for restaurants has also become a hobby of mine not only for my hometown but for destinations we have planned to visit for future holidays.

These can all be saved on to your personal Wishlist so that you can re-visit them closer to the time of your trip.

Its great as you have them saved in one accessible spot, rather than getting lost in your camera roll as a screen shot – something I have done and wasted many minuets scrolling to find.

We have some exciting new features and business ideas to help entertain you during this time. One to start with which is coming very soon is our podcasts, we have a series of guests ranging from business owners, authors, influencers, to just all out travel enthusiasts. These are mainly based around one theme: ‘How Travel Help’s You’. Our exciting first podcast is a Q+A between each other about how travel has changed our lives and how our experiences have led us to the creation of Worldee, we also have some of our top funniest travel moments with each other (something you won’t want to miss!). All our guests have some amazing experiences within the travel industry which are both extremely inspiring and uplifting to help motivate you to look to the future beyond the pandemic as well as the future of travel altogether.  

A brand new feature is also set to be released soon so keep an eye out on when to update your app. This is our travel planner, from personal experiences I always wanted to be able to plan a whole trip from start to finish including which hotel we want to stay at, what restaurants to eat at, bars to drink in and attractions to look at in amazement. I wanted this to be in one place simply and effectively so that I could plan each activity via the day and even down to the hour which led us to the creation of this feature. Worldee app was created due to our own experiences and needs therefore we felt this would be something our current and new users would love. We are very excited to share this with you and will be demonstrating how to videos as soon as its out.

Above all we really wish you to stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times and to remember that this won’t last forever, a promising sign is that 38/39 users asked on our app will be travelling as soon as restrictions are lifted. 66% would travel to Europe and 34% would go to America, 60% of us are looking for a beach holiday whereas 40% are looking for a city break, and 79% of people will be heading out to their favourite restaurant. Get prepared and let Worldee help your future travel needs now.