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Tips For Exploring Canada On A Budget

Exploring Canada

One of the most common things that prevents people from exploring our beautiful world is the cost. Expenses vary from country to country and Canada isn’t the first place most of us would think of when looking at budget travel. But in a world of the super-savvy traveler, it’s now easier than ever to explore Canada, in all its vast beauty, on a budget.


For most of us, not already living in Canada, we will be arriving into the country via air. Airfares often eat the biggest chunk of our travel budget, but with many cheap flights to Canada available it doesn’t have to be like that. They can arrange both international flights from a range of European hubs and internal flights for criss-crossing Canada once you’ve arrived, for fantastic prices.


Once you’re in Canada, the most affordable way to explore the country is arguably by road, because of fuel being so cheap. Unfortunately, buses and trains in Western Canada can be very expensive and unreliable, as much of the networks are very underdeveloped. Whilst it improves towards the east of the country, a road trip will always give you the freedom to go where you like, at your own pace, that you just don’t get on public transport.

If you don’t fancy driving yourself around on your travels, there are a variety of ride-sharing apps available in Canada, which match you with prospective new friends, heading in the same direction, for a small fee, and you won’t have to be behind the wheel.


Whilst it may not be an option for everyone, if you are willing to drive, hiring a campervan to explore Canada can be an excellent choice. You have your accommodation taken care of for the most part and there are numerous campsites all over the country to hunker down for the night. Before jumping at the thought of this idea however, it’s important to consider the cost of any add-ons such as any required insurance, fuel and camping equipment you may need.

If you don’t like the idea of a campervan, you may prefer camping in the more conventional sense. Or as an alternative you might want to try a social app such as Couchsurfing, which similarly to the ride-sharing apps will match you with locals you can get to know as they offer you a sofa for the evening. There are a variety of hostels, bed and breakfasts and of course Airbnb’s available across much of Canada as well, all offering affordable accommodation for a range of budgets.


Cooking your own food on your trip, is by far the most cost effective way to save money. Particularly ergonomic, picking up food stuffs at a large supermarket lets you cook what you want, how you like it and when you are hungry. This is especially useful if you are exploring Canada in a campervan or camping. Eating out and buying snacks, multiple times a day will get very costly in Canada, even eating at the most affordable of restaurants.

The busiest and most expensive time to visit Canada is during the peak summer months, but arriving at the edges of the season, in May or even September can help to reduce the cost of everything, including flights, whilst still benefiting from the beautiful Canadian summers.