Travel Best Practices – Getting a Visa

Travel Best Practices – Getting a Visa


Worldee is a brand that encourages travel in all aspects but first you must get there! Read on to find out how and why you need a travel visa.

Essentially a visa is a travel document which allows you to enter a specific country for a specific amount of time, this also needs to include what it is you will be doing on your travels eg. Working, studying or touring. With reagards to American tourists not all countries require visas, and some are based on the length of your stay. In terms of United Kingdom tourists; by visiting Visa Central it will give you a break down on all the countries as far as Schengen Area which is a coalition of 26 countries which mostly entail European countries as far north as Norway to as far South as Greece allow tourists to visit for up to 90 days without a visa. Lots of non-European destiantions such as China, Canada or Vietnam require a visa no matter how long your stay.

When looking for a visa application online its best to start at the embassy or consulate website for the nation you are visiting, this is where you will often find an application form in which you can print and mail them. After processing your documents, you should be sent a visa that attaches to your passport or can be printed out to accompany you on your travels. This proccess can take up to three months and in some rare cases longer so we would reccomend giving yourself plenty of time to have this in order.

More often than none a visa costs money to get, you usuually make online payments or will have to send money or a cheque with your visa application. Visa costs can vary depending on what country you are travelling from and to. For example; a USA visa from the UK typically costs $14 and will last up to two years, UK citizens can also travel to Brazil without a visa where as if you are travelling from the US to Brazil it can cost $140 for a visa. Another thing to be aware of is if you are are travelling to America after visiting Cuba you might want to take supporting documents on the purpose of your trip in case you get questioned by the US immigration officials.

Stop wondering and start knowing today with Worldee and book your next dream trip!