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Travelling Thailand With A Stranger

Two in Thailand

I’ve always wanted to travel around Thailand but never really had the opportunity. Last month I was able to take a months holiday leave from work and make it happen!

One of the things that had always put me off traveling to Thailand was that I’d have to do it alone, which is a scary thought being alone on the other side of the world in a completely different culture. Unfortunately, my friends don’t share the same passion for travel as me, they must be crazy right?!

Anyway, whilst I was researching places to visit in Thailand I came across a website called ElasticTrip. I signed up and was able to meet other travelers looking to go to Thailand at the same time as me. I met one girl called Sarah who is also from England who wanted to visit many of the same places I did. So we met up in England for a coffee and hit it off from the moment we met. As soon as we got home we booked our flights to Thailand together and that was that!

We flew into Bangkok on the 29th of January and spent 4 days exploring Bangkok. The city is a bit crazy but worth visiting to experience what it’s like. The street food is amazing and so cheap! My highlights were visiting the temples Wat Arun Ratchawararam and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Next, we caught a flight down to Krabi which was a breath of fresh air after 4 days in Bangkok! We explored the beaches and islands close by that were out of this world. My favourite is Railay Beach which you have to get a long boat too.

After spending a week in and around Krabi we headed north to Chiang Mai. This city is stunning and such a contrast to the likes of Bangkok. It is much less busy but still has a city feel to it with walls surrounding the outside. There are lots of temples to explore and amazing places to eat. Don’t miss the street market! It only takes place on certain nights and as really big with lots of authentic Thai items to buy. Another highlight of this area was visiting an Elephant Sanctuary. We got to feed, wash and play with them in the water was amazing to do. After that, we took a ride on a raft down a river which was also very fun!

Sarah wanted to visit Chiang Rai which is northeast of Chiang Mai. We took a bus which took a few hours to reach our destination. Whilst Chiang Rai was interesting, I don’t think I’d go back or recommend it. There was a cat café there which was a bit different but not a reason to visit!

After Chiang Rai, we headed back to Chiang Mai and caught a flight back to Bangkok and England. It was such a great experience and Sarah and I are already planning our next adventure to New Zealand!