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Why Dubai is THE Holiday to Go On This Year


If you’re already dreamily planning your summer holiday; the clothes you’ll wear, the bikinis you’ll buy, and the luxurious exotic food you’ll eat, then you’re with about 99% of the population. The sun has just started to peek through the clouds, making everybody go crazy – we want beaches, and we want them now! Have you thought about where you’re going yet? If not, we highly suggest Dubai. Wait, don’t make any assumptions – Dubai doesn’t have to be expensive. The trip will be what you make of it (or what a travel agent like Travelbag makes of it for you…it’s a simple way to book your trip)! Here’s why we think you should go to Dubai this year:

The Shopping

Shopping is one of the many reasons we think you should visit Dubai. The shopping experience here is hard to beat – the shops may be the same as other places, but the actual experience is unbelievable. Waterways can take you from one shop to the next!

Cheap Eating

Yes, Dubai is luxurious, but some of the most delicious food can be found in the poorest neighborhoods. Try street food on Al Dhiyafah Road to experience tastes from Lebanon, Iran, and India. You’ll love the diverse food culture here and all of the different, exciting flavors!

Lovely Weather

The climate stays moderate and warm all year round – what better reason to head over to this beautiful place? Al Mamzar is a lovely public beach where you can soak up the rays and the atmosphere. Dubai is the perfect place to get away from European climates.

Man Made Islands

In an extreme display of wealth, Dubai started a project in which they created man-made islands in different shapes. The first is the shape of a palm tree! If you have enough money in the bank, you could even buy one of these.

Impressive Architecture

You’ll find some truly architectural masterpieces in Dubai that Michael Scofield would be proud of. It’s even home to the world’s tallest hotel!

Meet Amazing People

Dubai is the place to be for travellers all over the world. You’ll undoubtedly meet people from all countries and cultures, making for an unforgettable atmosphere and trip.

For the Love of Golf

If you like golf, Dubai is host to some of the most major tournaments with massive cash prizes.

It’s Safe

Dubai is literally one of the world’s safest cities – some claim that crime is nonexistent there. If you want to be totally at ease on your holiday, Dubai is the only place to go.

Luxury Hotels

Dubai has some of the finest, most luxurious hotels that the world has to offer. If you fancy a bit of luxury, Dubai is the place to be.

The Hospitality

Regardless of whether you have lots of money to spend, the people of Dubai will be hospitable to you and welcome you with open arms. It doesn’t matter what social class you are, the people will be generous and make you feel comfortable in this new setting.

What better reason do you need to visit Dubai? There’s something for everyone here: luxury, sites, sports, lovely people, lovely weather, amazing scenery, delicious food, and shopping. You won’t be disappointed, we promise!