Worldee Has A New Feature – Read on to Discover!

Worldee Has A New Feature – Read on to Discover!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to update the latest version of Worldee to your device as we have a brand new feature readily available for you to explore with.  Over the last couple of years our amazing team have been thinking of ways in which Worldee can add even more value to you and other travellers than we already are. Worldee successfully finds hidden gems when in range; yet we felt this would be even more successful if we allowed globe trotters to      discover these hotspots globally from the comfort of your own homes.

This led us on to our latest feature: ‘The Itinerary Planner’ a feature of the app which is close to our hearts. It allows you to plan down to the minute upcoming trip’s by offering some of the most authentic hotels, bars and restaurants of the city to add to your schedule. The best thing is directions and information are obviously all included with each selection so you can work out the exact time you will get to see each place on your journey, and have it stored in an organised and easily accessible location.

Worldee has added this so that you can fully optimise your travel experiences. Here is how it should work: Now for arguments sake, let’s say you want to visit Paris, all you need to do is select the itinerary tab, select the dates you want to go and the city in which you are visiting (in this case its Paris!). After this you can select whichever hotel takes your fancy and even add in your check in and out times. Now after you have done this you can easily navigate through the extensive database of places we have on offer. If you’re looking for an authentic brunch spot browse the list of restaurants Worldee has available adding this to your agenda for let’s say 10am?  Then of course you would want to go and see the Eiffel Tower just after adding it into the schedule for 12pm. Worldee stores each activity selected and planned in an easily accessible format. Your trips will be available to edit or check on your profile, saving you time and enhancing your travel experience.

With this said, once the user has created the itinerary of their dreams to have maximum enjoyment from the trip, it is still greatly advised that you use our augmented reality feature to find information on attractions, see what is close to your current location or find somewhere to have a quick drink or bite to eat.

Worldee is here to help travellers save time, have amazing authentic experiences on every trip they go on therefore we add features to positively impact how our users are travelling, we only want the best for our audience and therefore will continue to work hard on building the best travel app on the market.

Stop Wondering and Start Knowing, plan your trips today and reap the benefits when you visit those places by saving time and utilising our incredible augmented reality technology.