Worldee Hot Spots in Portsmouth

Worldee Hot Spots in Portsmouth

Instagram has made everyone aspire to getting the perfect photo. People now travel, dine, or drink somewhere purely for the fact that they want to capture the best image on social media. We have listed some of the best places in Portsmouth for you to get your most ‘Worldee’ pic.

Harbour of Gunwharf
  1. Becketts

Becketts have recently re-designed the front of their newly refurbished restaurant with a flower arch to celebrate Spring. Flowers are a great way to create a photo opportunity. Already the arch has proved popular with the dinners and it is set to popularize even more during the warmer months. Don’t just visit for a picture however, you can also sit and try one of their mainy cocktail or spirit combinations. If you are in the mood for food they serve up an amazing seasonal menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Becketts Southsea on Worldee App

2. Strawberry Fields

In the rife of summer the strawberry fields are heaving with berry pickers. During June through to August there is a sea of red – beautiful for pictures of the strawberries or of you amongst them.

Strawberries at Strawberry Fields

As well as strawberries there is also several other berries or vegetables you are open to go and pick to then purchase at their shop. They also sell fresh produce in the store produced by local businesses.

Strawberry Fields

3. Montys

Montys is again a swanky Portsmouth bar open for food and drink. The bar area has become a hot spot for those looking to get a ‘Worldee’ shot as they have built a personalised flower wall motif which changes via colour theme seasonally, this is then accompanied by their signature sign. You can visit for food or just pop in for a drink – Montys have become popular with their bottomless brunches as not only is the bar area picturesque but so is the rest of the restaurant following an art deco trend.

Montys Flower Wall

4. The Bluebell Fields

If you are looking to get a ‘Worldee’ image without eating or drinking then this is a beautiul place to visit with friends or family. Kids will love running up and down the sea of blue; a great opportunity if you want to get some more natural pictures. As well as the experience the smell is unforgettable.

Bluebell Fields

5. Southsea Beach Cafe

Situated on the seafront you won’t get a much better sunny seaside image than here. Again, the Southsea Beach Cafe serves breakfast lunch and dinner so you can visit during sun rise, sun set, or at the suns peak time to get the perfect lighting for your image. Not only are the views ‘Worldee’ but the food and drink are to, if you are looking to get some beautiful food images then this is the place for you; with a unique menu inspired by the setting and the local produce around Portsmouth.

Southsea Beach Cafe views and food.

What is also nice about this cafe is their coffee and ice cream pit stop bar just outside so if you are fed up of sitting inside then make the most of the fresh sea air and enjoy!

Southsea Beach Cafe on Worldee App

6. The Sunflower Fields

As we said before flowers are always a good idea when it comes to taking a photo. At peak season the flowers can grow to nearly as tall as you so prepare for a breath-taking image as well as enjoying your time at the fields.

Sunflower Fields

7. The Briny

Recently refurbished from a fish and chip bar into a beautiful restaurant. If you sit inside the interiors mirror similarities to a quaint Greek restaurant. With wicker and white being the main colour themes so one shot in here and your followers will think you are abroad. You can also enjoy your food or drink outside overlooking the sea – so you will dinitely look like you are abroad. The food is again picturesque but more suited to a breakfast or dinner occasion based on the menu selection. We would suggest peak time to visit would be early evening to catch the last of the rays and then you get to enjoy the setting in both day and night lighting. Portsmouth is a coastal city, so it would be wrong not to celebrate the views as the ‘Worldee’ picture hot spot.

The Briny

8. Lavender Fields

If you are looking to experience all the fields in one day then you can find them using the AR feature of our app which will then bring up the option to get directions to each place. This is a quick and easy way of planning your day of photography.

Lavender Fields

9. Stansted House

Just a 20 minuet drive out of Portsmouth City Stansted House is a picturesque country house accompanied by their own tea rooms – The Pavillion Cafe.

Outside Stansted House

Open and closing times are early so you can only visit for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. The outside of both the tea rooms and the house are stunning and the ideal place to get your very own tradditional English countryside photo. There is also a maze you can partake in – fun and a great photo opportunity.

Around the Gardens of Stanstred House

10. Gunwharf Quays

Gunwharf is a popular hot spot for tourists and shoppers.

Harbour from Gunwharf

With a large variety of restaurants, shops and attractions you have all you need in one spot. Bars and restaurants line the front of the harbour so you can enjoy a drink (or two) whilst overlooking the boats.

Gunwharf Quays Bars and Restaurants on Worldee App

This is a great place to get pictures of you enjoying the outdoor seaside dining eperience. There is also the Spinnaker Tower, you can get amazing images from the bottom of the tower, but you can also get them from the top viewing deck – this is where you will overlook views of the city.

Spinnaker Tower Afternoon Tea

You can enjoy the viewing deck as an experience in itself or you can enjoy the afternoon tea there, which again allows you to get two great ‘Worldee’ images in one.

Spinnaker Tower

As Gunwharf overlooks the dockyard, come sun down there are some amazing photos you can get of the ships with the sun set in the background, as well as learning about them through the information feature of our free travel app.

Spinnaker Tower on Worldee App