Worldee London Hot Spots – In Walking Distance

Worldee London Hot Spots – In Walking Distance

London can seem like a daunting city to visit, with over 30 million visitors a year that makes London the most popular tourist destination in the world. We have comprised the best Worldee hot spots which you can visit all in walking distance!

Sketch on Worldee App

Our fist Worldee hot spot was Sketch. If you have never visited Sketch before it is one of our most recommended places. Whether it be for a drink or for food you can visit for breakfast lunch afternoon tea or dinner,they have four rooms to choose from, The Gallery, The Lecture Room and Library, The Parlour or The Glade. We were sat in the Parlour which was more of a bar style area which was fitting as we only ordered drinks. Sketch have thought about photo opportunities down to a tee, from the hop scotch drawing at the entrance to the pod toilets. Our one comment is only visit Sketch London if you don’t mind spending out a bit of money especially if you are visiting for food.

Sketch – The Parlour

We then walked through Carnaby street where we found a lot more restaurants to add to our wish list for another day. Dishoom was a restaurant that caught our eye, Dishoom pays homage to the Irani cafés and the food of all Bombay with a menu that focuses heavily on exotic curries.

Dishoom on Worldee App

Whilst walking through to Piccadilly Circus we found another Worldee hot spot; hotel and bar Hotel Cafe Royal.

Hotel Cafe Royal On Worldee App

From May the 24th the Green Bar Summer Terrace was opened in partnership with Verve Clicquot where they will serve a new take on summer cocktails featuring Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

Verve Clicquot Green Bar Terrace

After having a drink, we made our way through Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square which is where we discovered the Chinatown Gate, to celebrate the large Chinese community in London the gate was made by Chinese artisans and assembled on the 25th July 2016. A fun fact we found out through Worldee. If you visit Piccadilly Circus it is a must to take a picture of the famous Piccadilly Light, one of the UK’s most iconic landmarks and globally recognised advertising space.

Piccadilly Circus

We walked through to Leicester Square itself as found via Worldee Travel App. We discovered that the square was originally a gentrified residential area with tenants including Frederick, Prince of Wales and artists William Hogarth and Joshua Reynolds. Being a UK resident since birth and visiting London numerous times it was nice to finally discover some interesting facts about our capital city.

Leicester Square

We used the map feature of Worldee travel app to find the quickest walking directions to get to Covent Garden, this was just a four minuet walk. As you make your way up to the main Covent Garden Square there is a beautiful light up arch way which is a great Worldee hot spot to get that perfect shot.

Covent Garden Arch

Walking through the main square, Covent Garden has been decorated in summery flowers and swinging chairs – both of which are always busy in terms of being able to get a pic so we would recommend getting in their quick.

Covent Garden Cart

The Covent Garden Piazza used to be fields until briefly settled in the 7th century when it became the heart of Anglo-Saxon trading town of Ludenwic, this was then abandoned at the end of the 9th century after which it was returned to fields. It wasn’t until it was seized by Henry VIII and granted to the Earls of Bedford in 1552 that it became ‘The Covent Garden’. To find out more download Worldee app for free today.

Covent Garden on Worldee App

Within the Covent Garden there is also the London Transport Museum, great if you want to get a snap with the iconic London Busses.

London Transport Museum on Worldee App

Convent Garden is also a great place to stay for night life, Dirty Martini is directly on the square and just a short walk away is Charlie Berkeley Square which we discovered after looking at the nightlife tab on Worldee app.

Charlies Berkeley Square on Worldee App

And that’s our walking recommended hot spots for central London. As London is so huge we have more to come so stay tuned with the latest updates on blog posts via our Instagram @worldee_app.