Worldee Picks

Worldee Picks

How many places have been visited by the global Worldee community? Let me tell you! 50,000! Since our December 13th launch. We are so proud of this number and have today decided to share our opinion on our favourite places from the list of places visited with Worldee.

Across 7 continents and well over 30 countries, many travel lovers have graced the amazing bars, restaurants, attractions, hotels provided by Worldee. Here is our list of the Top 5 places personally visited places in Worldee by us. 


Our first place worth visiting in Worldee is in London, United Kingdom. Walking off Oxford Street tube station, it’s easy to get confused and not know where to go. This is what happened to us, so using Worldee we came across a brilliant restaurant/bar called Sketch. An absolute must visit. Everything about this place is quirky and different from the places we have visited before. They use art in a simply fantastic way to engage you with their restaurant. Pods for toilets, virtual art with iPads behind the bar and napkins with their number on, which is a nice touch that I have not seen in other restaurants to date. A number of different rooms also make this place special to visit one, in particular, being the Parlour room. We were unable to eat at Sketch but the menu looked perfect. The food was a little on the expensive side but you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a true experience when visiting a restaurant then Sketch is the place for you!

Queens Hotel

Moving away from restaurants and taking you to a hotel and one which is closer to home. Portsmouth, United Kingdom, The Queens Hotel. This is the number 1 hotel in Portsmouth no questions asked! It is historical, and Edwardian building which has recently undergone refurbishment to make the hotel even more stunning than it was previously. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in one of the newly refurbished rooms, which had a balcony and view of the Southsea Common and sea. The staff at The Queens Hotel are the friendliest of any establishment I have entered. If you are visiting soon, make sure you make use of the garden parties they throw on Sunday’s. Tribute acts, wonderful weather and opposite the beach what more could you want? This hotel is 100% on the up!

As I mentioned earlier in this article we have spanned over 30 countries, so I think it is only fair to talk about a special place we visited in Lindos, Greece. There is a fantastic rooftop restaurant that is very difficult to find unless you are using Worldee app, it is called Medeast. There are many reasons why this restaurant is a fantastic place to visit. The owners are super friendly, the price is very reasonable, but the number one thing which is great about Medeast is the quality of the food.   There were many choices on the menu which I would not usually go for but I was definitely glad I ordered different things, as they tasted delicious. This place is so good that we are visiting once again this year.


Coming back to the U.K I am heading to Manchester to one of the most amazing restaurants we have personally ever visited and this is called Tattu. We would never have even found this amazing restaurant without the use of Worldee app. We were searching for places to eat so pulled up our AR screen and found the unique Tattu. In the Spinningfields area of Manchester Tattu is easy to find if you use Worldee app. You enter this restaurant and immediately get a sense of excitement and eagerness. Whilst walking through the main dining room the first thing you can possibly notice is the beautiful blossom tree which is placed directly in the middle of the main room. Tattu had beautiful art on the walls which have been created by tattoo artists and even their cocktails are pieces of art and very unique. This place is a little bit pricy but it is definitely worth it!

The Mary Rose Museum

Lastly, we head to an attraction which is once again in Portsmouth our hometown and somewhere we are extremely proud of! We were lucky enough to have a personal tour around the Mary Rose Museum. The museum has recently undergone millions of pounds worth of refurbishment. The top of the museum looks like a ship sailing through water from a birds-eye view. There are amazing artefacts in the museum coming from sailors personal belongings, weapons they used for battle and tools they used for jobs back in the day. The uniqueness of the museum comes in the form of technology. Inside the museum, they have virtual guides and walkthroughs to give you information on individual pieces of history. This is a must see museum and when you have finished, Gunwharf Quays is just around the corner where you can have amazing dinners, drinks and even visit the Spinnaker Tower.

I hope you enjoyed the 5 Worldee places we have visited since our launch date and I am eager to see where you are all going to visit next. Remember Worldee is going to help you find these amazing places everywhere you go, so let us know where your favourite place visited in Worldee has been so far!