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Your Essential Guide To Moving To The UK

Moving To The UK

Albion. Home of the Brits. This green and pleasant land is a great place to make roots. With its scenic countryside, ancient history, and it’s vibrant, multicultural present, is it any surprise that roughly 677,000 people migrated into the UK in 2019 alone? If you see the white cliffs of Dover in your near future, read on to find out everything you need to know about moving to the UK.

Which country?

If you’re new to the United Kingdom, you might be surprised to hear that it’s much more than just England. The UK is actually composed of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island, meaning you could live in one of four distinct constituent countries! Although English is the official language of all the UK, each of these countries have their own unique language and history.


You’re probably aware that the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016. While you may not be sure what that means for you personally, you need to be aware that this significantly affects your options if you’re coming from the European mainland. The best way to check visa applications from your specific country is through the UK Government website.

Got any work guv’?

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the UK economy is currently suffering from an influx in redundancies as many markets are impacted by limitations on face-to-face services. However, since the Brexit referendum, there is a large hunger for medical experts, scientists and other qualified specialists.

Generally, work in the UK is very focused on managerial, corporate and retail-related roles. While there are still pockets of agricultural work, the vast majority of people work in metropolitan and suburban areas.

Anyone working in the UK should be aware of their many rights within the workplace, and can easily access free information from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Transport, Trains, Cars, etc.

Getting around in the UK is fairly easy thanks to its small size and connected transport systems. London has it’s world-renown tube system, and you can easily cross the whole country in several hours by train. There are even cross-country flights that can get you to the other side of the UK in just over an hour’s time.

If driving is more your speed, you can purchase a car, or alternatively lease one. This way you can avoid big deposits that need to be paid upfront. Car leases are paid monthly and work until you pay off the total value of the vehicle after a number of years, making it a viable option for those moving to the UK for only a couple of years. Nissan are a great reliable car who often run Nissan lease deals which are well worth checking out.

Pounds and Pence

The UK is a wealthy county, and while many people in the UK have relatively low annual incomes, the United Kingdom is considered to be an expensive country to live in due to costs of accommodation, utilities and other expenses.

London is even more expensive, however wages in the area are adjusted to accommodate for this. Generally speaking, the North has cheaper living standards on average, but this can vary from area to area.

The median disposable household income in 2019 was £29,600. This will give you an idea of the amount of income you could be earning, depending on what career path you take.