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How to Save Money on a Theme Park Trip to Orlando

Save Money on a Theme Park Trip

There is a reason words like ‘magic’, ‘dream’, and ‘wish’ abound in Disney brochures. The place is indeed magical. One is easily staggered by the sheer immensity, the surreality, the fantasy of it all. A trip to Orlando is an experience not to be missed. However, it is an experience not to be planned frivolously. Here are a few money-saving tips.

Decide on the goal

Will there be return visits to different parks? If so, a multi-day ticket is best. Paying daily entrance fees just isn’t as economical as paying up front for a series of visits. For example, a ticket currently runs at $92.00 a day per adult. 

A four-day ticket goes for $69.75 per adult, for a total of $279 (not including tax) as opposed to $368.00. This affords one the opportunity to visit multiple parks over the course of a few days, rather than opting for the more expensive “Park Hopper” option and visiting multiple parks within the same day.

Pack wisely

Tourist destinations like Orlando attract merchants as well as those on holiday, and they have a knack for jacking up the prices of everyday items. Those who hail from typically gloomier climes will often forget to pack sunscreen or dark glasses. Stopping at a shop in the heart of Orlando in order to stock up on forgotten items can deplete the purse before the first costumed character makes its appearance. Think ahead. Make a checklist.

Bring your own

All that walking around in the hot sun can make one incredibly thirsty. Luckily, just about anywhere a panting parkgoer finds himself within the park’s walls, there’s a vendor within arm’s length ready to sell him a bottle of water. The problem is that they are three times as expensive as bringing a bottle to the park and then refilling it in one of the many drinking fountains available. Snacks are allowed in the park as well. One must always take care to shun the American practice of buying crisps at premium prices.

Search for the right deals

Not all bargains are created equal. Shopping online for the best package can yield great results. However, several factors will come into play. Hotels with family suites, such as those recently added to Disney’s Art of Animation resort, allow for meals to be cooked within the suite itself. Staying on Disney property also saves the parkgoer a great deal of money not having to hire a car.

Lower-priced resorts tend to attract families. Couples looking for an extended stay without children scurrying about the hallways may be in for a shock. Fortunately, there is a solution. Spring and autumn are the best “off-peak” times of the year to visit. Parks are keen on drumming up business during this time, so there are a great many bargains to be had. Just be sure to check online to see when school holidays are scheduled. Look up the best deals around at loveorlandotickets.co.uk.

Book the deal first, the flight second

Disney deals are often time-sensitive. Booking the flight first means setting the travel dates in stone. It is unwise to lock oneself into a very small window of opportunity, for Disney deals have a curious way of popping up one after the other as if out of some magic fountain.

Decline dinner with Mickey

Character meals are a wonderful gimmick as well as an occasion to mark the holiday in memory. However, the dinners can be a bit on the costly side. Instead, opt for a character breakfast or lunch, which on average tend to be half the total price of dinner.

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