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The Most Impressive Places To Take A Night Out During Your Australian Holiday

AustraliaPlanning a trip to Australia is no easy feat. You’ll have to think about which locations you’d like to visit ahead of time and ensure you arrange suitable transportation, usually in the form of a hire car. The problem is, that everything is so spread out that getting to see all the sights in a single week is almost impossible. Still; so long as you book at least fourteen nights, you should be able to experience all the main attractions. With that in mind, this article will focus of places you may like to visit in the evening time. Looking around online, I’ve found there to be a severe lack of articles concerning nightlife, so pay attention, and I’ll do my best to give you a decent insight.

The Australian people are not particularly known for their love of dancing or live music, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find lots of cool venues, no matter which state you find yourself in. Also, there are some amazing things to do outside of traditional nighttime activities, some of which I’ll mention in a moment. At the end of the day, the quality of your experience here will depend on how well you research and plan your holiday, so make sure you pay attention as we move through the next few paragraphs.

Night Noodles Market – Melbourne

During the summer months, anyone who wishes to dine outside whilst listening to some enchanting music should head down to the Night Noodles Market in Melbourne. It’s a little out of the way, so your hire car will come in handy, but as long-term parking at Melbourne airport is generally cheap and cheerful, you’ll never have a problem finding somewhere to leave the vehicle whilst you enjoy the marketplace. Here, you’ll encounter stalls selling a wide range of unique and boutique products guaranteed to make for perfect souvenirs.

Dragonfly Bar – Brisbane

Presuming you want somewhere a little quieter to spend your evening, the Dragonfly bar in Brisbane is most definitely worth a look. With blues and jazz music performances a couple of times each week, this underground drinking establishment is sure to satisfy. Friday is usually the busiest night, so be sure to get here early and grab yourself some of comfy seats before settling down for a few hours and experiencing something you’ll never forget.

The Opera House – Sydney

Anyone with an interest in classic music or opera would be a fool to overlook the world famous concert hall located in Sydney Harbour. Tickets to shows here can be very expensive, but so long as you book them in advance and avoid purchasing from the touts outside, you should be fine. If the evening concerts are all sold out for the duration of your stay, not to worry; you can simply opt for a matinee show or one earlier in the day. Staff here also run tours, which means those who can’t stand this type of music can still take a good look around.

Well, guys, that’s about all I’ve got time for today, but with the information in this article and some of your own research, you should have no trouble planning the perfect evenings in Australia, no matter whom you decide to bring along for the ride.