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Brisbane For The Adventurous Traveler


If you come to Queensland and visit the lively capital of Brisbane, you will find opportunities for adventure of all sorts. From the chance to see unique Australian wildlife close up to get an extraordinary view of the city from a spectacular vantage point, the city offers much for the imaginative traveler. You are never far away from a fascinating experience when you visit Brisbane.

One of the choice sites to visit is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This oldest and largest koala sanctuary was founded in 1927, giving home to two koalas, Jack and Jill. You can hire a car to drive out to the sanctuary, which now is home to kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, and echidnas in addition to the koalas. For a fee, you may even be able to hold a koala. Take this opportunity to see Australia’s unique wildlife close up.

If you want to get a better view of the city itself, check out the Story Bridge Adventure Climb. The longest cantilever bridge in Australia, Story Bridge spans the Brisbane River. Guided climbing tours are conducted daily, beginning with a bit of the history of the construction of the bridge and of Brisbane. Groups then begin the climb up the eastern side of the bridge, giving adventurers a spectacular view of the glittering city and the surrounding countryside. Taking this excursion will give you a breath-taking experience for your Queensland vacation.

A quick drive from Brisbane to Archerfield will bring you to the Flying Fighter Museum. But this establishment is not just a collection of early aircraft. They have 22 fully restored vintage war-crafts that you can examine close up. In fact, because they are fully functional, you can participate in flights of these vintage planes. A 30-minute flight of maneuvers and acrobatics over the landscape will give you a new appreciation for the bravery of the early aviation warriors.

Another wildlife option for travelers to the Brisbane area is the Australia Zoo. Founded by the Irwin family and carefully expanded over the years, the Zoo gives visitors a close-up view of many animals. There are, of course, crocodile feedings. A wide variety of other reptiles as well as birds and mammals await the visitor. There is even the opportunity to hand-feed elephants. You can hire a car out to the zoo, or arrange for other transportation.

For a unique experience, take the boat ride from Brisbane to Moreton Island where you will find the world’s tallest stabilized sand dunes. Once there you can enjoy the adrenaline rush of a sand toboggan ride down the slopes of the dunes. The experience is so exhilarating that you will be inspired to make the climb to the top of the dune several times in the course of the day, in order to re-experience the thrill of the ride.

Brisbane, the third largest city of Australia, holds many more adventures for the traveler. Beautiful historical buildings, gracious parks, and preserved wildlife all await the modern explorer. Come to Queensland to see this friendly city.