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10 Asian Destinations to Go with Your Kids

Asian Destinations for kids

Asia is a land full of exciting wonders. Exotic doesn’t even begin to describe this part of the world, as it boasts a lot of one-of-a-kind experiences you won’t see anywhere else. From the ancient traditions, colorful cuisines, and the new modern lifestyles emerging, there’s so much to see in the Eastern continent. Various places here have become top traveling destinations, especially for backpackers who want to have an adventure. What about families? Is Asia a good place to spend a family vacation in? The answer is most certainly yes!

Despite the exoticism in this region, Asia actually has a lot of kid-friendly places you and your family can all still enjoy. They range from beaches and safaris to grand theme parks with amazing rides and full of characters your children will enjoy seeing. For your next family trip, here are some of the 10 Asian destinations you can go to with your kids.

Hong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong)

The “Happiest Place on Earth” only ever applies to one place only: Disneyland! A whole host of cartoon characters and movie-themed rides await kids and kids-at-heart for a whole fun day of adventure here in this amazing and iconic amusement park. Having opened only a little more than a decade ago, Hong Kong Disneyland has become a highlight among many visitors of the East Asian country. This small spec of Disney wonderland houses many of your favorite characters, from the classic Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, the Disney Princesses, and the newer favorites such as Wall-E and Russell from “Up!” Best of all is that all these characters gather once every day for an amazing parade!

Ocean Park (Hong Kong)

Want to go to a hybrid land of amazing sea creatures and exciting rides? Look no further than Ocean Park in Hong Kong. This unique marine adventure offers a look into some of the most jaw-dropping beings found in the deep blue sea. The park has two parts, the first one has the usual array of adrenaline-pumping rides, then you have to ride a high lift to go over to the second part which contains all the exciting animals. You can also watch dolphins and whales put on a show of neat tricks and astounding flips. There’s no end to the watery fun here, which makes it an extra special destination for summer vacation!

Sentosa Island (Singapore)

If you can’t get enough of splashy, watery fun, head on over to Sentosa Island in Singapore. This amazing theme park is all about having the best adventures underwater. But while Ocean Park in Hong Kong has a few land-based rides, Sentosa Island is all about the H20! Giant Slides, river rides, wide pools, and more are at hand for the family to cool off and splash around. Some such structures are even so humongous that they’ll get your adrenaline pumping in a heartbeat! If you’re going on a visit to Singapore, Sentosa Island is a must-see for you and your family!

Universal Studios (Singapore)

While Hong Kong and Japan have their respective Disneylands, Singapore has Universal Studios. You can now experience all the major movies you loved as a child (and your children are probably loving now) in a totally new, exciting, and interactive way. Ride through a wavy river and see the amazing creatures at Jurassic Park. Enter the tomb of “The Mummy” and escape its ancient curse. And if you’re lucky, you might get to see Woody Woodpecker, Shrek, and other cartoon characters strolling around the park. Universal Studios is a movie-goer’s dream destination, as well as an exciting addition to your trip for your kids!

Dino Park (Thailand)

Do your kids love dinosaurs? Are they the type to know all about the different genera of the extinct creatures? From the Agujaceratops to the Siamotyrannus? If they are, then Dino Park in Bangkok, Thailand is the place for you and your family! Contrary to popular belief, Bangkok isn’t all that sketchy and inappropriate for families to visit. The city still has a lot of areas wherein families can enjoy spending time with each other. Dino Park is one such place, which is part museum-part amusement park full of different dinosaurs. The place is peppered with realistic dinosaur statues and animatronics to really make you feel that you’re in the stone age!

Splash Jungle Water Park (Thailand)

Let’s face it, the best family vacation is where you get to splash around and swim, and in Thailand, there’s no other place quite like Phuket! Here, they have the Splash Jungle Water Park, an array of colorful slides in various sizes, oversized sprinklers and fountains to run through, and massive pools that anyone can swim to their heart’s content. You should note that the water structures here are not like the ones in every other waterpark. The slides here are bigger and sprinklers and fountains sprout out more water!  There’s no end to the watery fun here in this grand aquamarine theme park!

Bali Safari & Marine Park (Indonesia)

It’s always an adventure to see amazing wildlife up close. The way these animals live is far different from how we and our domesticated pets go about our daily lives. Here in Asia, one of the best ways to watch animals live wild and free is to go to Bali’s Safari and Marine Park in Indonesia. You may find it surprising that Bali, known for being one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, has some gems that are also perfect for the entire family. Here in this park, you and your kids get to see how fast the zebras run, how giraffes eat their food from tall trees, and how majestic the lions rule over their jungle kingdom. Going here is arguably far better than going to any normal zoo in the world.

Tarsier Research and Development Center (Philippines)

Where in Asia can you still find an exciting adventure but have a peaceful time as well? In Bohol, Philippines. Right here in this famous island, beyond the beloved ‘Chocolate Hills’ is the home of the famous tarsier. This big-eyed land mammal, smaller than the hand of an adult, can’t be found anywhere else. The tarsier is even the animal that inspired the makers of Star Wars to create Yoda’s appearance! Visiting these adorable creatures is a must when you’re in the Philippines. There are no other animals quite like them. However, you do have to be very careful and quiet as they scare easily. Make sure you don’t capture them with flash photography as well!

Vinpearl Land (Vietnam)

Want to go slide through a rainbow? Head on over to Vinpearl Land in Vietnam. This massive waterpark is one of the biggest of its kind in the world, marked uniquely by a fairytale-like castle that can rival any of Disney’s. Similarly to other water parks in this list, Vinpearl Land boasts gigantic water slides, epic river rafter rides, and many more water structures to excite any kid and kid-at-heart. There are also a few choice land rides for those who may not want to get wet but still enjoy the excitement the amusement park offers.

Sanrio Puroland (Japan)

Where else can you visit the most famous kitty in the world? In Sanrio Puroland in Japan! This adorable theme park is all things Hello Kitty, from her very own residence filled with Hello Kitty memorabilia to various establishments celebrating the famous cartoon character. This theme park has become such a novel in Japan that it has come to rival Toko Disneyland as one of the top kids’ destinations in the country. All pink and perfect, the park boasts a Renaissance-like design that’s sure to pull the heartstrings. And of course, before ending your trip, don’t forget to say “Hello!” to Hello Kitty after your visit to her home!

There’s no end to where you and your family can go on your trip to Asia. Each place has something exciting and unique to offer, so head on over for a visit to the Far East when you can!