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Unexpected and Surprising Things about a French Ski Trip

Ski Trip

Most of us have a decent idea of what a French ski trip involves but there are also some surprises. Once you discover what some of these unexpected issues are you will find that you can get even more out of your trip than you thought.

Why not look into these surprises and see which ones are most likely to add some extra joy to your overall skiing experience. Get it right and you are in for an incredible adventure out on the snow.

While you might already be aware of several reasons for visiting France, the following reasons are also worth bearing in mind too.

How Easy It Is to Arrange

Perhaps the biggest and most pleasant surprise for most new skiers is that a trip to the French Alps is incredibly easy to sort out. First of all, you can arrange this online very quickly and simply these days.

Once you start looking at possible destinations you will see that it is also a shorter trip than you might have imagined. Despite most of these resorts being in gloriously remote and unspoiled locations, getting here isn’t going to be a problem at all.

The most common way of getting here from the UK is with a short flight to a nearby airport such as the one in Geneva. After this, a short transfer by road to your resort could take as little as an hour or so.

What this means is that it is incredibly easy to arrange a short trip that you get the maximum amount of pleasure out of. If you start off after work on Friday then you could easily be sitting in a classy après ski bar in just a few hours’ time.

Equally, if you want to head off with some friends on a fun bonding trip then this is a great choice. Just find out when everyone else can make it and you will soon be organising a high quality break.

The ease with which a short skiing trip can be arranged also means that it is now a popular way of getting away with work colleagues for a corporate break. Whether it is for the start of a new project or as a reward, getting away to the French Alps could be exactly what is needed.

The Other Activities Waiting for You

There is no doubt that skiing is a tremendous hobby and that it is going to give you lots of fun when you travel to the French Alps for a break. However, you certainly shouldn’t think that this is all you are going to do here.

In fact, there are tons of activities you can try out here that will add greatly to the excitement of a ski break. A good example comes with the sport of snowboarding but this is far from being the only option.

You could also get your adrenalin pumping with exhilarating sports such as snowshoeing, dogsledding and a lot more. If you love a lot of variety in your trips then the French Alps is the ideal place to find it.

You might be most surprised by the fact that your activities here aren’t simply restricted to winter sports. The top French Alps resorts also offer an unexpected range of other activities you might be interested in trying out, so why not check out the destination options here?

The likes of swimming, paragliding, rock climbing and going for a pampering spa treatment are all popular things to do in this part of Europe. You certainly aren’t likely to feel bored when you come here, no matter how much you like to vary your activities on a daily basis.

The Fantastic Food

Experienced skiers will tell you that the amazing food is one of the best things about any skiing break. Quality ski resorts are simply packed with a massive range of places to eat.

If you think that eating out is going to be a less than exciting experience in the French Alps then you are in a very pleasant surprise. In places such as Chamonix, Morzine and Courchevel you will find top quality restaurants offering brilliant food.

You can also opt for good value snacks or fast food if you prefer. However, it is definitely worth going out for a great meal at least once on your trip.

You should discover that getting a terrific meal in a quality setting turns into one of the outstanding, highly memorable moments of your whole trip. After you make a trip or two to the ski slopes you will realise that eating out is one of the most magical things about this sort of break.

After an exciting but tiring day out on the slopes you can’t do much better than head over to a fine restaurant to restore your energy levels. If you choose well then this is also a chance to enjoy some incredible views and soak up a vibrant atmosphere.

The Buzzing Nightlife

Another aspect of ski trips that you might not be aware of is the thrilling nightlife. Most people travel to these ski resorts looking for a good time and to be able to let their hair down.

This means that they are typically lots of places to go out for a few drinks and some good company. You will be able to choose from a nice variety of different types of bars and pubs, with some offering live music shows and others putting sports on the TV or simply having a great atmosphere.

Not all bars offer the same of lively atmosphere, as some are a bit more laid back and family oriented than others. For example, if you want a peaceful and relaxing type of nightlife then a family type of destination such as Flaine could be ideal.

On the other hand, if you want a rocking après ski scene then you are spoiled for choice in the French Alps. Towns such as Morzine and Les Gets give you a great setting for letting your hair down in a fine bar.

Making a trip here at the weekend or midweek could be exactly what you need to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. If things have been tough at home or at work lately then this could be the boost that you desperately need.

How Soon You Will Want to Go Back

One of the amazing surprises about any ski trip is how soon you will long to come back here. In fact, you might find that you start planning your next visit to the Alps before you even get back home from this one.

Going skiing in the scenic French Alps can quickly turn into an incredible hobby that you get a huge amount of pleasure out of over the years. Once you sample the good life in one of these wonderful resorts you will want to enjoy it more and more in the future.

Whether you like to ski alone or go with friends, you can have a sensational time in places as welcoming as Courchevel, Chamonix and La Tania. There is so much to see and do on a short ski trip that it really is an ideal type of winter sports adventure.

Give a skiing trip a chance and you will almost certainly love it. Apart from the obvious thrills, the unexpected surprises will also add greatly to your pleasure too.