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5 Big Family Vacation Ideas

Vacations bring families together. However, if you have a large family, the readily available options are often to meet at family functions or, at best, have a big Madea cookout at home. Moving out to places can become challenging because there are kids to look out for, seniors to attend to, and extremely busy people who rarely come through when you want them. Here are a few big family vacation ideas to check out.

Big Family

A Long Drive

As the anonymous quote goes, the best vacation is sometimes a long drive to nowhere. No doubt, road trips can be a great family bonding time. Your family can take a long drive to an unfamiliar area, catch nice views, explore new places, etc. All you need is some food and a reliable bus to get you to your destination. You can browse multiple options on The Minibus Centre to see if you’ll find what you want.

You can take this up a notch by having a picnic along the way. Summer is the best time to try picnic road trips. You can try on-the-go eating to add to the experience. Do well to have enough easy-going snacks in the coach, so you don’t have to make regular stops which slows your trip down.

Go Camping

Big family vacations aren’t too exceptional to regular vacations. The most important thing is to consider and make arrangements for the different age groups, health statuses, and varying interests. For this reason, camping often fits best. It can be a great and affordable way to enjoy the outdoors. Today, many camping centers have spaces for tent camps, RVs, or cozy cabins. Therefore, you can choose the accommodation cabin that suits you best.

Also, the centers have various activities, pitching different groups or families against each other. There might never be a boring time at a camp and the activities work great if you want to meet new families and interact. Also, camping can be memorable for kids as they can learn new and essential things like starting a fire, tying knots, hunting, etc.

Try Amusement Parks

Have you ever taken the kids out and had more fun than them? That’s the amusement park. Sometimes, this is all an adult needs to relive their adolescence just a little bit. Various states are known for their numerous amusement park venues. Florida is one of such big names. In addition to the amusement parks, it has a lot of rental homes, which might come in handy if you want to do more than a day.

Join a Guided Tour

One thing that hinders big families from vacationing is the planning which often falls through. There always seems to be someone or something setting the plans back. Eventually, it affects others, and you must shelve your vacation plans. Do you face this challenge? Outsourcing to a tour operator can be the best solution.

Tour operators are well-trained destination management individuals and companies. They specialize in planning and executing all the ideas your family would love to try. Usually, the process starts with a consultation on the places you can go and activities to engage in, based on your family’s size, budget, and broad preferences.

After various consultation sessions, your tour operator will provide an itinerary or multiple options. Often, itineraries come with a bundled fee that includes accommodation, transportation, food, etc. It can be a day or more, internal, or overseas. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the tour.

Take a Volunteer Trip

Voluntourism is gradually gaining ground and can be your best bet if you want to enjoy your vacation while doing good for humanity. This favors family members passionate about extending a helping hand to the needy, especially in deprived communities.

All in all, this list isn’t exhaustive. This list aims to show big families that there could be endless vacation options if they’re ready to come together and get the party started.