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6 Of The Best: New York Food Trucks

New York Food Truck

Eating out in New York is expensive. Oh, wait! No, it doesn’t need to be! Check out some of these great food trucks, which serve great food at sensible prices. The next step up from the traditional man with a cart, the food trucks have brought undiscovered gourmet chefs to a street near you…here are 6 of my favorites

Moshes Falafel

First up, we go with the traditional street vendor – falafel. I’m salivating already, and I’m quite proud of myself for not skipping straight to the sweet ones! Moshe’s falafel strays between 46th Street and 6th Avenue. They are keenly priced at $5.25 for 5 but don’t underestimate how big a portion that is!

Fabulous Korean trucks

Also popular are the ethnic street trucks, and Korean food has a strong representation here. Mainly because I can’t pick a favorite from these two! The Kimchi Taco Truck has simply divine Grilled Korean BBQ short rib tacos ($3 each or 3 for $7), as well as huge burritos and a delightful vegetarian menu. If you can’t find them, try Karilla BBQ Korean Grill, they move around between Flatiron, SoHo, Fidi, Midtown, and Dumbo and have a mobile truck tracker online so you should be able to get there with no problems.

A slice of New York

So what next, so many to choose from so little room in my stomach…well it’s New York, so it has to be pizza! I LOVE Jiannetto’s Pizza, slices are around $2.75, $19 for a full pizza (you little piglet), and $7 for pasta. I’d pay double the price for their Grandma’s Pizza, I mean it’s just a margarita, but wow they nailed it, I haven’t had better and I eat a lot of pizza. They have three trucks in the city; you’ll usually find one on Wall Street and one on Park Avenue.

Feed your sweet tooth

Ok, I give in – I have to talk about the sweets. My favorites are ice cream and waffles. Preferably both, and in large amounts! See if you can track down the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Yes, it does exactly what it says on the tin! It only operates from April to October, which I suppose is when ‘normal’ people want ice cream (evidently I am not normal). Soft-serve ice cream in cups and cones with a unique menu, you’ll have to go back a few times to try all the ones that look good! For waffles, try out Waffles & Dinges Belgian waffles. They use different dough to most other waffles giving it a dense texture infused with caramel.

In fact, writing this has made me so hungry, I think I might go and hunt them all down right now.