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A Travel Career: How to Secure a Role in the Yachting Industry


If you have a passion for travel, you might be well-suited to a career in the industry. Fortunately, there are many paths that could tap into your love of beautiful destinations, luxurious journeys, and unique experiences.

One avenue you might not have considered is the yachting industry; despite the fact, there are many vocations to choose from that could help you to enjoy a fantastic career either on or around the ocean. If this sounds promising, read these top tips on how to secure a role in the yachting industry.

Gain the Right Qualifications

As mentioned, there are multiple career avenues to choose from in the yachting industry. For example, you could enjoy a career as a yacht designer, boat builder, chef, or marine electrician. It is essential to research the different qualifications you will need for your desired path.

If you would like to become a yacht designer, you could enroll in a yacht design course at an accredited university. However, you could enter the career by earning an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in commercial and industrial design, marine engineering, or architecture.

Transfer Your Skills

The yachting industry is looking to hire talented professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, from sales and marketing to customer service and project management. If you have experience in any of these fields, you could secure a role in the industry. It will allow you to pursue your travel passion, and your skills, experience, and enthusiasm could help you to secure a fantastic career in the travel sector.

For example, Oyster Yachts currently has a variety of vacancies available in different departments, from production to marketing. Visit the Oyster Yachts’ website for an insight into the various roles available.

Review Your Soft Skills

It is important to bear in mind that the yachting industry can be physically and mentally demanding. Despite offering its employees many benefits, expectations are high in every department, and you must be willing to work hard to enjoy success and a rewarding salary.

It is, therefore, a wise idea to review whether you have the soft skills to flourish in the job, such as a hard work ethic, industry passion, attention to detail, good communication skills, and a can-do attitude.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in travel, the yachting industry might be an ideal avenue for you. There are multiple roles for people of all ages, qualifications, and backgrounds. While you can work your way towards a degree to enter the field, you also might have transferable skills that a yacht design and manufacturing company needs. For example, if you have carpentry, mechanical, or cabinetry skills, you could prove a big help to deckhands and engineers.

You also should learn as much about the industry as possible to consider if it is the right path for you, and you should browse the existing careers to identify if there is a job waiting for you.