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Amazing Reasons To Visit France This Year

Eiffel tower

France is one of the most well known and iconic destinations on earth. It is a place where history and classics meet the innovative and contemporary. Whatever your passions and interests, it is likely that France has some of the best examples in the world.

The Finest Food In The World

Some of the world’s most famous chefs were born or trained in France. The prestigious Michelin star that marks some of the world’s most famous restaurants originated here. The cuisine is renowned for being fresh, classic, and finely presented. Depending on the region you have chosen to visit, you’ll have the opportunity to sample some of its delights. Fresh seafood is a staple of many regions. Seasonal vegetables, regional bread, and gourmet cheeses are also vital ingredients. The wines of France are globally recognized and you’ll be able to taste them first hand. Why not embark on a French wine tasting trip and visit some of the world’s leading wineries? France is undoubtedly spoilt in this regard; from the Champagne producing region near Reims in the north to Bordeaux in the west and Languedoc to the south, it’s a country oenophiles will savour!

World Class Sport

France may be the perfect place to unwind, but sports fans will not be left disappointed. Whether you’re a spectator or participant, France has something for you. The French Open attracts some of the best tennis players in the world, and the Tour De France has become an iconic event. Being a part of the crowds and atmosphere can be an unforgettable experience, without the exertion of doing it yourself! However, if you love to get involved, there are many options. From hiking to kayaking, swimming to boules, the French love nothing more than to get active. Investigate what is popular in your region and be sure to give it a go. If you’re looking to go from spectator to sports star, why not investigate one of the many training academies or intensive courses?

Distinctive Regions

From the Côte D’Azur to the Vendée region, each area of France has its own entirely unique attractions. Some areas have stretches of pristine beaches and crystal blue waters. Others might be cobbled streets and ancient ruins. From historic villages to ultra modern cities, France is a nation of contrasts and can cater to a wide range of visitors. Architecture enthusiasts will not want to miss the many landmarks of Paris. Not least the Louvre museum and the Eiffel Tower. Others may prefer the legendary cocktail parties of the sun-worshipping Cannes crowd!

Unmatched Variety

Whether your ideal holiday is one of blissful relaxation or exhilarating activity, France has the solution. Even within the same cities, France can meet the varied needs of all visitors and travellers. Its world-famous capital Paris, for example, is a great example of both luxury and affordable charm. It is possible to live like a celebrity in some of the fine hotels and spas, or instead to sample a hostel and many of the free festivals. The Paris Plages, for example, transforms several locations in the city into theme “beaches”. It has become a major summer fixture in the city.  For the adventurous and steady alike, France is an unforgettable destination.