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Exciting Things to do in Indonesia


Indonesia is a truly beautiful country, with an exciting culture and many cool things to see and do. Although you could just show up there and see where the wind takes you, It’s good to know what’s on offer there before you arrive. This way, you’ll always have an idea of what you want to spend your time doing. Following are some exciting things to do in Indonesia. I recommend you add them to your list of must-do’s!

Visit the Kuta Stall

The kuta stall is a market that’s full of fun and energy. There’s always something going on here. Some people love the things on sale, others hate them. 

I do admit, there’s only so many fake sunglasses and DVD’s you can look at. However, it’s worth visiting simply for the great atmosphere.

Go For Brekky at the Tuck Shop

The Tuck Shop, located in Seminyak, has everything you could possibly want. There are designer outlets, fancy restaurants, luxury villas, and all kinds of bars for you to drink at. The Tuck Shop is a fantastic place to go for breakfast, as it sells many delicious, healthy options. If you love omelettes, fruit smoothies, salads, and other fresh foods, then the Tuck Shop is the place for you.

See the Monkeys at the Monkey Temple

The Monkeys at the temple in Uluwatu are so cute and interesting. Even though they are wild, it’s safe to watch them and you can even take photos. Be careful of wearing accessories like hats and glasses though – they like these and will try to take them from you (they’ll succeed too).

Drink at the Black Dog

The Black Dog is a very fashionable place to drink indeed. There’s always a trendy, hip looking crowd in there to spend time with, and you can simply chill while watching the live bands do their thing. If you love a cool atmosphere and live music, this is the place for you.

Try Surfing on for Size

Indonesia has some of the best surfing spots ever. Seriously! If you’re a beginner, there are even places for you to learn. Wouldn’t it be great to return home as a fully fledged surfer? Now you can! The only problem you’ll have is deciding where you want to do it.

Enjoy the Street Food

Many people are scared to try the street food, but you shouldn’t be. It’s delicious, and cheap too. You can get a full meal for next to nothing. Make the most of the street food and taste all of their popular traditional dishes. If you want to save even more money when travelling here, get your Garuda Indonesia tickets well in advance.

Visit the Beautiful White Sand Beach

When people think of paradise, they often think of a white, tranquil, sandy beach. Indonesia has the gorgeous Padang Bai. You’ll feel like you’re in a film, like Leonardo Dicaprio in ‘The Beach’.

Indonesia is a great place to visit. Make sure you take in the different culture and enjoy it. It’s so much fun living as if you’re a resident of another country!