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First Powder Day? Here’re 4 Things to Expect

Powder Day

There’s nothing quite like the first powder day of the season. The thrill of seeing that mountain with untouched powder is one of the most amazing feelings for a skier because it provides some of the best skiing experiences. So what should you expect for the first powder day? How can you ensure you come prepared to make the most of your time on the mountain? Here are four things you can expect for your first powder day.

1. Start Your Day Bright and Early
On a normal day, it’s wise to wake up early and get straight to the resort. However, this is especially true on a powder day. Thousands of avid skiers will flock to the resorts to get a taste of that fresh snow, and the earlier you get there, the more powder you’ll be able to take advantage of if you can, get there right when the resort opens. This way, you can get everything set up in time for your day of hitting the slopes. – It will definitely be worth that early alarm clock wake up!

2. Have the Right Skis
Having the right kind of skis is absolutely crucial to making the most of your powder day. You’ll want to be sure to have fat, not thin skis for the day. These wider skis can do wonders for helping you to glide more easily down the mountain. They create a floating sensation that can only be experienced when you combine the right skis with the perfect snow. You’ll want to look into some great ski rental delivery options that are available to simplify the process of preparing for your ski day. .

3. Safety First
Once you have the right skis all set, you’ll want to take the proper steps to make your skiing as safe as possible. Make sure the DIN of your skis is set properly to accommodate your skill level. The DIN determines the level of force required to release your ski from your boot. Beginners will want to set their DIN to a lower level to prevent any ankle twists during a potential fall. Experienced skiers, however, may prefer to set their DIN to a higher level to help them withstand jumps and high landings.

You’ll also want to consider looking into some powder cords. Brightly colored cords attach to your boots and act as a buoy in case your skis pop off. Especially on a heavy powder day, you run the risk of losing your skis in the snow if they detach. Powder cords will significantly help you locate a missing ski as they keep your boots and skis connected.

4. Brace Yourself for Crowds
We mentioned it earlier, but it’s a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for the hoards of people who will be skiing alongside you. Fresh powder is pure gold for any skier, and when it comes to the first significant powder day of the year, there are sure to be crowds. Come prepared to wait in lines, and don’t let this ruin your ski day! Properly preparing yourself for the wait will help you keep your cool.

So as you get ready for the first powder day of the season, make sure you come prepared with everything you need to make it a success. Whether it’s your very first powder day or you’re a long-time skier with years on the slopes, the opportunity to ski on fresh powder is an experience that everyone should enjoy if they have the chance.