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Five Reasons To Visit Ubud


Ubud is one of the most interesting places in Bali for travelers. It serves as a center of cultural activity but also has an extremely pleasant ambiance and is close to some fantastic landscapes. Ubud makes a good base for exploring the rest of Bali, with many tour companies based there that can take visitors further afield if desired. Ubud draws in people who want to either have fun or study Balinese art and culture.

There are several great attractions in Ubud that make it worth visiting – be sure to add these to your Ubud itinerary.

Wat Ubud Palace

The most important site in Ubud is located at the heart of Ubud village itself. The palace, known locally as Puri Ubud was built by a local raja in the Ubud royal family. It was built to be a place where holy and important ceremonies could take place, as well as housing artifacts from Ubud’s history. This palace is an excellent example of traditional Balinese architecture and contains several temples with ancient wooden carvings that are absolutely beautiful.

Chakra Buddha

The Chakra Buddha museum in Ubud is a place for people who want to learn more about Buddhism and how it relates to Ubud. Buddhism has played a huge part in Ubud’s history over the years, so there are many interesting things to see here. For instance, one can view statues and paintings which depict spiritual leaders from both past and present eras on Bali. Also on display at this venue are old Ubud relics and souvenirs, some of which date back to Ubud’s heyday in the 1930s.

Pura Gunung Lebah

For those who are interested in architecture and design, this Ubud place will be a must-see on their list. Located just outside Ubud city center is Pura Gunung Lebah (The Temple of the Mountain Monkey God). This venue is dedicated to Bali’s most famous hero, Ubud, and his son, Tenganan’s battle against Gajah Mada for control over Bali.

There is a massive pyramid-shaped building here and the centrepiece of Pura Gunung Lebah is a statue that depicts Ubud in battle.

Puri Paketan Palace

One of Ubud’s most important temples, Puri Paketan is located right next to Ubud Palace. It was constructed at the beginning of the 19th century by King Rama II. The King had heard about Ubud’s renown for its artistry and decided to build this palace so that he could enjoy Ubud’s culture directly. He took many things from his own palace in order to decorate this Ubud place – this includes statues, paintings, furniture and even cannons. The architecture of Puri Paketan is very similar to Ubud Palace and many of Ubud’s finest artisans worked on the construction of this Ubud site.

Ethnographic Museum

Ubud might be a very relaxing place, but there is just enough hustle and bustle to remind visitors that they are still in Ubud Bali. Indeed, people who want to take part in Ubud’s vibrant nightlife will like this Ubud attraction. The Ethnographic Museum houses objects that belonged to Ubud’s past residents. There are several old paintings on display here as well as ancient weapons, musical instruments, and more. This museum also displays an interesting movie about Ubud’s history which was created by a famous Australian filmmaker named Colin McPhee – one of Ubud’s first and most dedicated expatriates.

Where to Stay in Ubud

Ubud hotel

Ubud hotel
There are many Ubud hotels and Ubud accommodation places on offer for visitors who want to stay at Ubud for a few days. Some of the best Ubud places are the Four Seasons Hotel and the Bali Hyatt.

The Four Seasons Hotel
This is arguably the best Ubud hotel that there is. It was built in Ubud’s most famous locale, Monkey Forest Road. The Four Seasons Hotel was constructed by an Ubud resident named Bejo Bawa, who wanted Ubud to have a luxury Ubud place. The interior decor and architecture of this hotel truly make it luxurious – guests will feel like they are staying at a real palace! 

Rooms here have both outdoor and indoor bathrooms, as well as other facilities such as sit-down toilets and air conditioning. The hotel even has Ubud private areas which are set up for a variety of Ubud activities, including spa treatments, Ubud swimming pools, and Ubud dancing lessons. Guests will also enjoy the great Ubud views that they can see from this establishment.

Bali Hyatt
Located in Ubud’s center, the Bali Hyatt is one of Ubud’s most popular Ubud hotels. It attracts many Ubud visitors because it has a collection of Ubud private bathrooms in each Ubud room, as well as a variety of Ubud facilities such as Ubud souvenir shops and even an Ubud swimming pool with views of the beautiful Ubud rice paddies. The hotel is very convenient to several Ubud attractions such as Pura Taman Saraswati (The Temple of Prosperity), Monkey Forest Road, and several other great places in Ubud. Guests will find that this Ubud place caters to Ubud’s needs and is very quiet and pleasant.